Looking Beyond The Moment

In Communication, Self Improvement on June 15, 2020 at 5:05 am


We have every reason to take enormous pride in “living in the moment.
And there’s nothing worst than not seeing a thing because you’re all-up-on-it.

Are you? Living in the moment and blinded by the view?
If ever there was time see clearly “today is the day” to pursue.

If a thing doesn’t look right then it’s likely not good for you.
Dare I say that you are wise if you’re feeling confused.

Reality will always be infused with what you prefer to hear.
Society is waking from her slumber; day by day, year by year.

I pray that we, collectively never stop.
We’re looking past our nose; we see the snot.

We don’t need any outside interferences at all.
Our strength is on display; see our patriotic gall.

Stay focused on the long run.
Change rarely parallels fun,

but it is necessary
for the fine future that we intend to carry.


Unity has warm feet…

Let unity be the mate that we consummate and marry.
Let us realize that we need each other in order to tarry.

Earth is aging a little, so let us be her youth.
Let’s ditch the aged vision for an adolescents view.

No one is suggesting we be tree huggers,
but to recognize our global issues and remain lovers

of humanity.
‘Turning things around for our legacy families.

We can do it.
You and I; continue to pursue it.

Looking  Beyond The Moment, we have vision beyond our own nose.
Let’s march towards a future of more friends and less foes. Awesome goal.

In yielding more love – first dibs must go to ourselves,
then love-on our neighbors; live with purpose and less for wealth.

Wealth should not be our ultimate nor pinnacle goal.
Let’s use our time on Earth to love and enrich our souls.

Go and dig your toes into the sand of your favorite beach,
be fruitful and multiply; each generation should teach

about the perils of the past and how we used to be.
Let’s manifest real change (across everything); rectify our history.

This — the mass protests reveal can be true;
should we insert more love into the red, the white, and the blue.

Start at loving you, then lean over and give me some, please.
I’m Qui
Looking Beyond The Moment and ooo-wee! It looks sweet.

There’s nothing like global unity.


From New York to Washington, DC to London and everywhere in between…. [click thumbnail for snapshot details]

  1. […] And that’s fine; when you’re passionate about a thing you don’t let up – but you stay on it. I think your actions are admirable; you’re focused on LOOKING BEYOND THE MOMENT. […]

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