Hump Up On This

In Communication, Griot, News on July 22, 2020 at 2:14 pm

I’m an everyday-of-the-week kind of content gal,
and while today finds me busy, you’re still my pal.

So with the help of good energy yielded my way
I’ve a couple of griot insights that I’d like to replay.

Click more to complete each score,
and enjoy the reads to your core

then Hump Up On It and have a nice day,
I’m Qui
May peace and blessings reign your way.


You’s a Hit


You batted a historical turnout.
History will duly reflect what yesterday was all about.

Thank you! I rank you to be paying attention.
God is good. Maybe we can crawl out of these woods –
Thanking you is my fondest mention.

So how did you sleep last night? Did you creep-up on some and own the mount?
As for the shape of Congress this morning – I didn’t stick around for the count.

I chose to do the “creep-up.”
It was a nice concluding touch.

If you didn’t ‘creep-up on some,’ – try again tonight.
Hump Day is a great day to master the hump-hype. 😀

Good morning to ya.’ Let me fetch you a cup of jo… click here to score more.

i-love-my-work  LABOR FREE

Embrace the point

the5whysFeeling good, I did both – turn in and wake up happy.
Like Bey said, “I woke up like this,” – complete with hair: nappy,
and I’m happy y’all.
I sashayed to the bathroom and danced in the hall
the moment my feet touched the floor.
Today is a new day and I am poised to score.

I woke up today thinking about you.
Some of the things folks say behind your back – can’t be true. 😀
I’m sweet on you and so is your mother,
how’s your family, your kids, your sister, your brother?

It’s Hump Day baby and I’m conversation surfing.
I’m up early feeling girly and deep griot wording.

If you’re into morning nookie – I can do a little twerking,
but you’ll have to make it quick I have to leave by six –
I’m a woman about my business, I love… click here to score more.

Always enjoy the hump…it’s just another WINS – Day!!!

Take an intimate minute to celebrate.

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