Monday Morning Party Play

In Advertise, Communication, Griot, Music, News, Video on August 24, 2020 at 6:36 am

Good morning griot readers. What headline is good for the mention? The DNC did their thing last week, today we do the RNC convention.

How did the weekend do you? Did you network well; did you play? Did you happen to hear that Kellyanne Conway put in her resignation today?

The wired news hit my cell phone when I was first waking up.  Seems she and her hubby are professionally retreating; arresting the couple’s-cut-up’s.

I’m sorry to hear that their careers are such stress holders. I hope that the both of them can heal and maintain each other’s shoulders.

The weight of the world should not reside in any single relationship. God bless the Conway’s remainder and the first lady’s spouse’s lips.

Shooting from the hip is fun until somebody gets sick and dies.  America needs new brake shoes to slow down the Corona vibe.

There’s word that it may come in the form of a quick vaccine.  I’ve little faith in the hill’s word, so none for me, please.

Not right now – anyways.  Monday is at hand with new conveys.

What is your objective, what is your agenda? Are you all set to vote? It’s going down in November.

Today is big for me, I have much on my plate.  I’ve got marketing packages to compose and relay.

Digital upgrades and maintenance content are necessary tickets. It’s a party all day over here, no idle time or crickets.

Reading and research will rule a large part of my day.  For B2C – there’s the Prius and me; gassed up and on the way.

Ride shotgun with me if you’ve got time off today.  Let’s network, think-tank, and workout with Kieaira LaShae.

A party is a party within a party of one or more,

I’m Qui

Today’s party will be at the RNC. God bless the factual score.


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