Blow The Whistle

In Communication, dance, Griot, Music, News, Self Improvement, Video on September 5, 2020 at 8:00 am

Yes, I did. I woke up with Too Short’s song in my head.
I didn’t yawn much but did a lot of bobbing to the beat in bed. 😛

I booty-popped down the stairwell and into the kitchen.
Once I was on the tiled floor I put some real work in.


You should’ve seen me. I can really go.
Afterward, I brewed a real stiff cup of jo.

The weekend is at hand and I plan to lead the band.
I’m redecorating the house; new furniture is in the plan.

A manicure and pedicure will also be had.
I’ll laser the middle because later I’ll be bad.

I’m not booty-popping for no specific reason.
Fall is on the way and I want to have the tightest season.

Wink-wink. You know.
Be grown this morn’ and let your imagination go.

It’s ok to let loose a little. Ain’t nobody here but you and I,
I’m Qui
jam with me; move in sync and share the intent in your eyes.

I want to know what you really mean.
Let every move strengthen the scene.

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