In Communication, Movies, Self Improvement on December 18, 2020 at 4:36 am

I hear you. I hear you. I hear you really good. You yearn to be heard and moreover that, understood.

And it’s all good; I hear you indeed. Life is at hand and you’re a sower of good seeds. I acknowledge and respect the fact that you do not rest – without being understood and I dig your process.

Loud & Clear is the best way to communicate or there could brew trouble between you and your mate. Deal-in your own fate and not within another’s. Worry about your own route, and not your brother’s. We are raised by men and of life we are lovers. So, yeah, I hear you Loud & Clear. Bury no facts under any cover.

I hope that you can comprehend, without too many backbends my style of Griot convey, — because I love you and my support is true; I root for your good every day. Please hear me Loud & Clear. I know that life is not certain, so between us, breed no fear. Let us just be present and be here. My connection with you, I hold dear. Please do hear me Loud & Clear.

Life is too short for misunderstandings. After a life of soaring each man has a landing. The bed that you make, only you will lie in it. Fashion your life as Heaven on Earth, because you will die in it. Don’t die in a silent mess. When life bucks-up respond with your best. Love yourself and let go of the rest. Life is a segue, a pretty cool test.

I confess that I utilize a lot of gamification because living life with no fun? Well, that’s suffocation. You don’t deserve that and I won’t receive it. ‘Folks telling you that you can’t do a thing… don’t ever believe it.

This piece is for you and I need you to hear — “I love you unconditionally. 10-4.” Loud & Clear.

You got that dear?

I’m Qui

giving Volume & Clarity a cheer!

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