After All of That

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What happened yesterday? I pray that all mayhem missed us. Now, tell me if it’s true that you reaped love-dues on Christmas. 

How about human touch? Surely you need it too. For human touch conveys intimate love; nourishment to you.

Me? I had a blast. I’ve been a big kid all week long.  Mercy-me, I’m a big kid every week because my Christmas spirit is strong.

For a happy heart, there is no right or wrong – there is only “different.” Judge not that you be not judged – Matthew 7:1 should be spent.

With a few more days remaining, we are fast approaching 2021. You deserve more love, and you deserve more fun.

2020 yielded us plenty: Covid, unemployment, and an abundance of fat.  Yep, we all deserve more love in our lives after ALL OF THAT.

Life would be boring if we didn’t have a few spats. Residing in the human-observation lane has taught me that.

I am a praying kind of gal and I duly pray daily.  I pray like it’s a job, but ain’t nobody paying me.

I’m praying for me and you — that 2021 will be something new,

something better, something fresh, something light. I pray 2021, for us all, will mean a more revived life.

Whatever ate-up your nerves in 2020, write it down and then rip it up,

I’m Qui

Do this as often as necessary before 2021 arrives with new pending love.

Let us all rest easier and meditate more on getting our united swag back. — 2020 was hard like chewing a penny. We deserve better AFTER ALL OF THAT.

Ella is more than a pretty face – Jam @ Ella Mai’s ITunes page.

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