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Ooo Wee, Christmas Eve

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement, weightloss on December 24, 2020 at 4:05 am

Good morning, good morning. Dear beloved, I am awake!

 I’m bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to give & take.


More love. I’m open to it. I’m stoked and highly amped.

My mom asked ‘if I wanted my gift mailed and I replied, “my gift needs no stamp.”


I am already gifted big time my mom loves me dearly as do my family and friends.

Love matters the most, kinfolk; it’s the gift that never ends.

Ooo Wee, Christmas Eve, it’s so good to see you.

What’s in the box, Gucci shoes or socks? My adolescent heart is true.


And I’ve been good this year. I finished my degree, and I did graduate.

I earned Magna Cum Laude status and ate all of the food on my plate.


Wait. What? 

Yep. Food is like love.

But no worries, no fear, I wouldn’t think to wait until next year


to take the pounds off — for I’m already on route.


Christmas Eve reminds me that while I’m cooking for just a few,

that I don’t have to taste all the dishes I prepare – then fix my plate, too.


Right? I’m certain I’m not the only one with that particular delight,

but then again, if you’re not an excellent cook, ‘tis easier to limit the bite.


LOL, kinfolk. I am just playing with you,

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m feeling free. What do you want to do?


Want to play a game or two? Will it be PS5 or PS4.

Perhaps you’d prefer the BLACK CARD REVOKED game. Have you played it before?


Are you into board games? When was the last you played one?

Monopoly is still the – ishIt’s my go-to game for board fun.

Once I acquire Boardwalk & Park Place – lookout, playa’ lookout.

I’ll put you to shame on a board game but at bones and cards – I tap out.


Don’t even get me started on Chess. I admire the game, but I do not play.

Tho if you do, I’m a captive audience for the clues. I’m always up to watch skill display.


Ooo Wee, Christmas Eve, I’m sure you will bring with lots of drink.

That’s cool with me, I’m of age, you see; I’ll quench once I’m done with the ink.


Yes, I write every day. It’s just what I do.

Words yield the gift of communication; my connection to you.


I am grateful, I am giddy, and I am overjoyed with l-o-v-e,

I’m Qui

Ready to have some fun and indulge in love’s sum, on this beloved Christmas Eve. Ooo wee.

The knight is mobile and can go to every square on the board without ever going to a square twice. This is called the “knight’s tour”

Monday Morning Goodness

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on December 21, 2020 at 12:03 am

In a few days, it will be Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will follow suit.
Good morning wired family – I’m most happy when I am with you.

It’s the 3rd Monday of the month and you know I’m a Monday lover.
With compliments about me, I’m a positive-pushing mother.

I’m the chic in transit waving at you because I caught you looking.
I’m the one that complements the chef – when I smell goodness cooking.

You are the chef; you’re also the transient looking.
I’m the complimenting queenI’m out here ‘good vibe’ hooking.

Monday Morning Goodness. We all could use a little.
So when you see bad energy en route – use your positive tip and whittle.

Christmas day is on the way, is there any chance that you are ready? 
I am. I’ve plans to balance good energy on-an-axis; I’ll be mindful and steady. 

Today I am feeling giving and giddy. I’m gift-wrapping for the fam; making boxes look pretty.

I’m going to mail-out several items today, as well. Will Santa be hitting you up through the USPS mail

I’m confident that you’re on the Nice list. A spirit of goodness is for all,
I’m Qui 
at the beginning of a new week, happily overrun by my love for y’all.

You are the gift that I love the most. I’m forfeiting morning jo for a champaign toast.

You’re so worth it.


In Communication, Movies, Self Improvement on December 18, 2020 at 4:36 am

I hear you. I hear you. I hear you really good. You yearn to be heard and moreover that, understood.

And it’s all good; I hear you indeed. Life is at hand and you’re a sower of good seeds. I acknowledge and respect the fact that you do not rest – without being understood and I dig your process.

Loud & Clear is the best way to communicate or there could brew trouble between you and your mate. Deal-in your own fate and not within another’s. Worry about your own route, and not your brother’s. We are raised by men and of life we are lovers. So, yeah, I hear you Loud & Clear. Bury no facts under any cover.

I hope that you can comprehend, without too many backbends my style of Griot convey, — because I love you and my support is true; I root for your good every day. Please hear me Loud & Clear. I know that life is not certain, so between us, breed no fear. Let us just be present and be here. My connection with you, I hold dear. Please do hear me Loud & Clear.

Life is too short for misunderstandings. After a life of soaring each man has a landing. The bed that you make, only you will lie in it. Fashion your life as Heaven on Earth, because you will die in it. Don’t die in a silent mess. When life bucks-up respond with your best. Love yourself and let go of the rest. Life is a segue, a pretty cool test.

I confess that I utilize a lot of gamification because living life with no fun? Well, that’s suffocation. You don’t deserve that and I won’t receive it. ‘Folks telling you that you can’t do a thing… don’t ever believe it.

This piece is for you and I need you to hear — “I love you unconditionally. 10-4.” Loud & Clear.

You got that dear?

I’m Qui

giving Volume & Clarity a cheer!