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The difference between a good story and a great story is rooted in its narration.
The influence of a good storyteller can build a congregation.

One word emphasized in story can lead a whole nation.
The difference between leading context and context leading is its narration.

Deliverance counts — it really does,
though believability is strengthened from repetitive love.

When legend becomes fact, print the legend,
Domestic’s refuse the vaccine while global neighbors are beggin.’

I am still convinced that ‘we can do better.
We can mask up and bike again to impact our health and weather. 

We can keep working from home to stave off sharing viral spores.
We’re all tired of being locked down – but the delta variant may warrant a little more. 

I’m also confused on what we are doing to our school aged kids.
Who wants to send them back to school without vaccinating their little wigs?

Do what and since when?
Isn’t a current vaccination card each new students begin?

Who’s telling this story and who’s feeding the lines?
I prefer to live within a narration of technological advanced times, 

I prefer to live in an era where prayer and science rule.
I prefer not to keep pushing a narrative that paints us by and large as fools. 

Are you reading headlined pages of violent outrages and outbreaks of an unintelligent pride?
I plea to you to put-in on narrating anew; let’s do something wonderful with our lives. 

Let’s live & love,
plant trees and hug.

Let’s invest in humankind
because helping others yields the ultimate shine. 

From the inside-out, of course.
Consider walking, bike riding, or horse. 

Why not?
Earth is so hot.

She just wants a little mindful reprieve.
If she can’t breathe you won’t breathe.

It’s a tit-for tat.
You and I can respect that.

We’ve done it before. Right?
I’ll script more love to provide insight. 

If our children are having problems learning at home,
parents I hate to say it, but ‘we failed them in that zone.

After all, it has always been respectively up to us
to teach them how to focus, how to respect, and how to trust.

No shade to those of us who are child raising –
the fact that we are still able to protect them is amazing.

Let’s not let them down.
Let’s make infrastructure our legacy crown.

Let wise-decision making be our legacy M.O.
Let’s do what needs to be done for tomorrow’s better show.

It’s all about Narration, yo.’ What is our story about?
Surely ours is more than covid strains, politics, and doubt.

Come on y’all. We can work this out.
Narrate pride and intellectual clout.

Story will outlive us. To be responsible is to understand liable.
I suggest that we realize our story will read-out like those in the Bible.

Narration will happen, it’s how story is conveyed.
Dear Humanity: retreat from vanity and give thought to what our actions say.

Now, give me love.

Bring it in,
o’ narrating friend.

The time is ours and our story is being inked,
I’m Qui
Can we make our era read better? Personally, I do think.

In fact, this published piece today,
will stand as my contribution to this era of narrate.

What about you? Hath you anything to say on our current situation?
Make an ink-worthy move today and weigh-in on our

Pick Up The Phone

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Photo by Maxim Ilyahov on Unsplash

I couldn’t wait for the day to end,
so that I could share news of a new begin. 

In the mind of a genius I popped into mind,
then said genius reached out to catch-up and mine. 

I was open for business, so opportunity did proceed.
They made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse and I said, “oui.

While I largely prefer to OG create–
I also have a reel sweet spot for a client collaborate. 


A capacity-impressive brain called upon me and I did answer.
They know that I calculate wins and am no loose chancer. 

We didn’t talk much – there was not much to say.
I am happy I answered the call; wisdom was on display.

I feel like Yoda in the way that my work is masterfully my play – no lie.
I shook opportunity’s hand, and then logged-on to compose this news at 5.

At the moment I do feel ‘all the way live; I am happy in my soul.
It’s true that I am in creative mode; thus this gig is additional gold

Did I tell you that I am happy in my soul? I am – please do believe me.
I am high off of earned skill capacity nigh, a level unattainable by weed. 

We are in the thick of the Summer, but it feels like 420.
When it comes to crafting new ideas — indeed, I have plenty. 

I feel drunk, but I do not drink the Henny.
I’m burping inference. New routes? I have plenty. 

Hello mid-week, I am enjoying the ride  of your hump,
I’m Qui 
To producing good, I say “oui,” and pray ‘more blessings find you during your hunt.

It’s all hard work. There is no luck.

Photo by Dylan McLeod on Unsplash

Oh, I’ve been thinking…

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As if I ever stop thinking.
For if I retreat from my thoughts, I may resort to drinking.

Who am I fooling? I am already familiar with the practice.
At the end of the day, my French75 toast to tomorrow is “I got this.”

sir ben kingsly toast.gif

Oh yes, Happy Monday! I insist on being such today.
I’ve got my scripts and a camera on my hip – I am ready to play

because I’ve been thinking… and a bit too much.
I’ve been busy with intellectualism and less with love.

For that, I apologize.
I’m a woman about quality and less about the size.

Good morning sweetheart. Open and focus your beautiful eyes.
The world is at hand, what doth this day hold in surprise?

To God be the glory and the limit is the sky,
I’m Qui
Up thinking about longevity, love, you, and I.

Let’s prepare to go long.

Let’s re-focus on THE LORAX and our home: