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Good Night Ms. Jane Pittman

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Yesterday evening Ms. Cicely Tyson, in her excitement of her new book: “Just as I Am: A Memoir,” crossed over to have a romantic evening with Miles Davis, I am sure. The most memorable role that she portrayed to me, was in the mini-series, “Miss. Jane Pittman.” But even Miss Pittman failed to meet the measure of this woman. 

Let us take a moment and sit with the Legendary Cicely Tyson in her last interview that aired just 3-days ago:

Mourn not for Ms. Tyson, she lived a full life of love and adventure. She crossed over as a strong black woman; the magnification of her worth un-censured.  

I’m going to miss her and all that she encompassed about her. I will press on, from dusk to dawn and thank God for every hour. As much as she endured in her lifespan, she portrayed to us no sour.” 

She was born 12-years after my maternal grandmother; Tyson was born in 1924. She only married once, and did not marry anymore. In the video she speaks of her daughter, Joan; fans had not known before.

Who knew the legendary woman reaped a “mini-me score?” Ms. Tyson’s life force, I do adore. She was one-of-kind, there will be no more. 

I mean, really? Who keeps a secret for a lifetime? Behold Cicely Tyson, a graceful bison; today we celebrate her life shine.

I can’t even feel down, because she left us on such a high note,

I’m Qui

I love the legacy of Ms. Cicely and have already ordered the Memoire that she wrote.

STAY TUNED for the review that’s COMING SOON.

December 19, 1924 – January 28, 2021

Hump This

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Good morning beloved. How are you today? Are you ready to go forward in a bold new way?

I’m bright-eyed, bushy tailed, and already in route. How’s that project that you’re working on, working out?

Mine are actually going well; I am working on two. I’m spearheading both while griot’ing with you.

Wear many hats much? Indeed, I do. It’s fun, it’s exhausting, and worth it, too.

What’s going on in the news is a shame and a whoa. The lame seek to rest on a lumpy pillow.

Lumpy bedding will no doubt hurt my neck, so I opted to rise early and do a Good News Peruse check.

Uh, 1-2. Uh, 1-2. Your life is about you.  Uh, 1-2. Uh, 1-2. What you do to others will be done to you.

Uh, 1-2. Uh, 1-2. We have to comprehend what is good for the whole.  Uh, 1-2. Uh, 1-2. Worship no man in this land, lest you lose your soul.

The crisp in the winter air today makes me appreciate the weather — and reminds me of the biopic I watched this weekend on SALT-N-PEPA.

Did you see it? It was kind of hard to locate.  I got rid of Lifetime when my DirecTV went away.

I dropped satellite television at the top of 2020 — for a larger frame of multi-apps, and movie access o’ plenty.

Had it not been for a colleague from New York, I’d have missed the opportunity to be a reviewing sport.

I saw it, and I watched it well. The show was quite the show-and-tell.

If you didn’t see it, then I watched it for you. Click the social ad below to read the review:

I like to SHOOP and I love to Push a good write. I do it in the daytime, I do it in the night.

Poetry  & world chronicling to me, feels alright. I definitely like to Shoop, and I might just PUSH IT tonight.

Alright-alright, that’s enough on the layered word play – at least on this subject of ‘the rise, the fall; the breakaway.’

This week has been strong in presenting itself  as “willing to” – sift through all that’s on the floor to get to the good of me and you.

I’m on the floor. I’m sifting. I want to find that particular thread – that causes a united lightbulb of kisses-and-hugs to go off in your head.

It probably has carpet and dirt on it. But love will clean it; it’s so ionic.

Please HUMP LOVE. I am on it and it feels pretty good,

I’m Qui

Good morning, beloved. Find the high point in your hood



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I Do Love a good steak and grilled shrimp blackened by Cajun seasonings. I also love to convey thanks and hugs to those that I love for bold reasonings.

I Do Love life and the view as it is framed for me. From a ceiling-to-floor window-score, you’re the view that I love to see

How art thou doing today? Is all going well for you, o’ life-lover? Once I was done with my a.m. devotion I put on some Little Brother: 

It’s the joint that I’m akin to feeling when I’m in my Pre-Production phase of film reeling.

I Do Love when everything pans out to be A-OK. I do love peeping your stylo, and what you have to say. 

Surely you know that those whom you hang with reflect your personality? It’s true, it’s true. Look at me and you; we’re a stellar shine of reality

Today is Day 25 of Month 1 in the year of 2021; it encompasses much but our strength is in love. 

Love on yourself today without any stall or interruption,

I’m Qui

Definitely loving on me as I build-out the POV of 2 Qui-scripted productions.


and I’m always