Welcome 2021

In News on January 1, 2021 at 11:31 pm

Welcome, 2021! I’m so glad to see ya,’ The last 4-years brought in jeers and never could be ya.’

We, the hopeful and resilient – pushed ahead and did our thing — in the face of millions meeting their fate at the feet of Covid19:

Months-upon-months of mass people dying.

We mask for good health – most good folks are trying.

Welcome 2021, please help us out.  Folks are stirring crazy at being in the house.

City and State lockdowns may go long.  Being that it’s for our good – I consider it not wrong.

Let us lean on God for more wisdom and for more strength — to decipher what is right, keep on the lights, and duly pay the rent.

We got this, kin. Hang tight, we can do it.  — 2021 is a new girl with a new line —she drew it.

You and I have made it; we all have access to go through it.  So, if you find a new venture that you’re in to – go on ahead and do it.

Why not? Time is still of the essence.

May 2021 be like a soothing effervescent.

I don’t wish this to be a pink year, but it could coat like PEPTO BISMAL;  for our united core is duly sore from the 2016 vote and our fall.  

God is helping us all; He has given us a new calendar.  Welcome, 2021, please don’t be too rigid with ‘him or her.’

America is not out for the count, we are still in the race. Welcome, 2021, I pray your first name is Grace.

Give it and be it. We will receive and we will get better. Welcome, 2021. I believe your last name is Together.

Count me in.

It is key that humanity collectively win.

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