The High Road

In Communication, education, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement, Video on January 2, 2021 at 6:15 am
Watch the animation of defined relation: Click here.

Keep straight onto the interstate and then merge onto the ramp. Pre-visualize ‘you living better and then resonate and amp.

Amplify what you want. Resonate it out into the universe. Then work diligently with purpose until you yield and reap your worth.

But that may take a while, so don’t give up on your goal. No matter what people do, you’re the crim de la crim “who,” please remain on THE HIGH ROAD.

2021 is a field needing to be sowed. Put in the work and reap more than owed.

You got this. Life is hard work, so hoe the row as if in bliss. It’s not easy, but you got this.

And today is day 2 in a new year – let’s call her 2021

I’m courting her close with nourishment, hugs, and love.

I’m looking for divinity to dwell within me and lead me on my purposeful way.

I’m looking forward to you doing what you do and claiming a win by the end of the day.

It’s all encompassed in 2021’s sway.  Be aware and pack fair; go THE HIGH ROAD way…

The shortest distance is a straight path. THE HIGH ROAD is your road; you know where it’s at…

If you’re on it – stay there and if you’re in route — get on it.

I’m Qui

On cruise control. 2021 is an Adventure and I want to hone it.



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