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Happy I am about a new year, my capacity & gear, and where my head is. No blocks on the writing; life is exciting. Good news as a dimensional view — I spread it…

like Corey Hines, born March 20, 1988; a live-wire and firecracker who operated in big faith

A man with a bright smile and encouraging laughter, who was also married, a dad, and Heavenly Gospel’s Pastor


Corey crossed over Sunday morning before church service could start, and easier to believe by an issue of “a big heart.”


I remember the day that his mom introduced him to the church. The legacy of a Taylor; into loving arms, he was birthed and perched.


Me? I was his mom’s little sister; she doted over me — when I was but a youth at Heavenly Gospel COGIC.


The “Big Brother & Big Sister’s in Christ” program — kept me from getting-out-of-line and going on the proverbial lam.


Good fun and golden times. This morning, these thoughts on my mind are my headlines.


Pardon me while I work through the fog of this Inner Monologue.


Corey crossed over, but Corey’s not gone. — In fact, his social media game exceeds the computer and phone.

He’s a child of God and while he has moved  on — he’s still connected to us all, via the love-of-God zone.


What? You aren’t aware of the love-of-God zone? Your loved one who crossed over will still visit your home. You may not see them physically, but within your heart and your dome – your loved ones absolutely remain in your energetic zone.

It’s true. It’s true. The energy of your loved ones is all around you. Hug yourself if you know this to be true, then imagine the feeling of your loved one hugging you.

Because they are. Love is today’s headline star.

Love is the emotion needed to clear the fog. Love is what governs my Inner Monologue.

There’s so much to do today – my travel itinerary is thick. — I’m happy to be alive, able to write, and to not be feeling sick.

I’m happy to be zip-lipped and in-thought on this plane. — I’m happy to monologue and to pray in Jesus’ name.

What about you? What thoughts own your nog?

I’m Qui

Up early with thee, airing the Inner Monologue.

Whatever your plans are for today, I beg thee take a moment to meditate and pray.

Live with purpose, choose to be happy, and walk in big faith.

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