In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement, Video on January 25, 2021 at 5:00 am

I Do Love a good steak and grilled shrimp blackened by Cajun seasonings. I also love to convey thanks and hugs to those that I love for bold reasonings.

I Do Love life and the view as it is framed for me. From a ceiling-to-floor window-score, you’re the view that I love to see

How art thou doing today? Is all going well for you, o’ life-lover? Once I was done with my a.m. devotion I put on some Little Brother: 

It’s the joint that I’m akin to feeling when I’m in my Pre-Production phase of film reeling.

I Do Love when everything pans out to be A-OK. I do love peeping your stylo, and what you have to say. 

Surely you know that those whom you hang with reflect your personality? It’s true, it’s true. Look at me and you; we’re a stellar shine of reality

Today is Day 25 of Month 1 in the year of 2021; it encompasses much but our strength is in love. 

Love on yourself today without any stall or interruption,

I’m Qui

Definitely loving on me as I build-out the POV of 2 Qui-scripted productions.


and I’m always

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