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In Love with The Know

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Have you ever met an inquisitive child who just wanted to know everything? A kid who just wanted to know how and why the caged bird sings? If it ever sang at all. A curious child who has to see the tree in the forest fall.  

I know of such a kid; indeed, one who has a question about everything that is established and its founding seed. I know the kid well, because the kid is me. Curiosity yields my favorite show; it yields me knowledge – and I love to know. 

Once upon a time my guy and I were driving down the street – and in the back compartment was a toddler in high seat.

She is the progeny of my kid. Her name is Quell and she shoots from the hip. 

She’s a respectful child, but curiosity has lip with adorable eyes, so bright and wide. – Quell didn’t believe the ice cream shop was closed until she couldn’t get inside.

We told her that the ice cream shop closed promptly at noon, but she insisted she see it personally to “know it” to be true.

She’s a lot like me and I’m not a Missouri mate, but I’m into ” the know,” like them folks from the “show me state.”

I am far from a toddler’s age and Quell is making strides. I love being in the know as it pertains to scripted life.

So, I read, research, and eventually I find — everything that I need to strengthen my vines. And good Lord o’ mine there is so much on the line, but if you know me, once I learn – all will be fine. I do it all of the time, learning a new thing will always add a new shine. Conquering what I don’t know is my favorite kind of grind.

How do you maintain? Do you need to know every last darn thang? 

“Need” is a strong word, but if no-one really minds — I’d very much love to sip new knowledge that is aged like wine 

until I’m drunk,

I’m Qui

In Love with The Know,” because it keeps me crunk. 

FRIDAY NIGHT: Grown Folks Hour II

In Communication, Griot, News on February 26, 2021 at 4:44 pm

At current I am creating a character with a penchant for composing erotic text. She’s the perfect voice of relief should a necessary audience be nigh.

I’m thinking of using the following Griot piece for inspiration. Grown Folks talk is universal and common in this nation. Without further ado, I’d love for you to read it. Happy Friday to you.


Good evening and welcome home, already.
I get lonely without you;  solo-steady.

Here’s a drink to curb your edge; tonight, call me Becky.
Let’s play a game of “Percale Chess;” tonight you can ‘check me.’


Come on and affect me. By all means be effective.
I’m Queen, you’re King.  Let’s intertwine our collective.

Connecting dots of intentional deeds,
drawing lines and reaping seeds.
Your majestic vision supersedes the weeds.
Thrive in the moment of you and me.

Who, me? You know my spin.
I’m categorized in the “Writers” bin.

Shakespeare, Langston, Paul Dunbar, and Dr. Seuss
nourished my poetic roots; thus, I bear a similar fruit.

watermelon-tasting-kitty.gifThough, mine is much juicier and sweeter.
A connection with me, means that you’re a reader

of grown content… and that’s good.
because I’m all about the water the wood.

How much wood could a wood-chuck chuck if a wood-chuck could chuck wood?
My name ain’t Chuck but I do chuck much. I’m a southern girl and it’s understood.

This Friday’s chuck, by all accounts is 100% Grade A.
I’m Qui
flirting with thee, via a little tongue & cheek Grown Folks word play.

I pray thee tell me, how was your earning day?
Lean in close and whisper how you wielded a slay.
I root for you daily; Yasss Bae. Hooray!”

Now, put down the telephone –
and commit to being grown.
I’m so very glad that you’re home.


Hillacious Hump Day

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Good morning Wednesday, what’ll it be? The menu is poised to be “good for we.”

So, let it be, dear Wednesday. You know that I ain’t no chump. — For with everything that I create in writing I’ll utilize it to conquer your hump. 

Not that your “hump” is a bad thing; it’s not like it’s clinical kyphosis. Breath smells because seasonings don’t quell – not the same thing as halitosis. 

This morning I arose with much on my mind. Organization is in play to make room to “press-grind.” 

Do you know what “press-grind” is? It’s when you push your career harder. Especially when you understand the route; therefore, you press-grind because you’re smarter. There’s no pride in doing anything harder. 

Last weekend I was talking to a couple of friends whom I admire very much, who have always been admirers of my compositional touch, 


In a moment of excitement, I conveyed literal POC comprise and shortly thereafter, knock-knock-knock. Guess who? Surprise!

Via plane and with no shame, it was my productive friends. They were invoked to drop by and talk production ends.

What a way to spend the weekend! How blessed am I to call them both family and friends?


Blessed — I am, and very. If we had no blood-connect the inquiry would’ve been scary. 

I’m taking a page from Deon Taylor and Roxanne Avent. I am excited about my future and how the upcoming months will be spent. 

I’m excited for the producers who have come for me and who are willing to learn, what needs to be done to manifest reel yearns. 


There are sure to be many trials before me and I expect them to be hill’acious. I’m up for the task with situational grasp & thorough creative concept pages. 


More R&D is next and will require me to do a little travel. You can’t create if you don’t curate or your composition will unravel.


I am into due diligence, so I have made appointments to meet and greet — with several subjects that parallel scripted characters in my POC’s.


Ooo wee, I’d be lying to thee if I said that I am not nervous — because I am. But time waits for no man and I do not clam.


I’m going for it. There’s no need for further aspirational introductions, 

I’m Qui

Embracing the humps-that-will-be as I start up R&D for my next production.