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Scripting While in A Script

In Communication, education, Griot, Movies, Science, script writing on March 1, 2021 at 4:56 am

It is Monday and while the day is new, I want to raise my cup of jo to the life of you.

Good morning goodness. How are you doing today? Did you rise early again? Did you meditate and/or pray?

You can do both, though, either will do — so what does this day have planned for you?

Oh, you are the planner of your day? Yeah, that’s what we all say.

Surprise,” says every day, so I pray to stay-on-track and not stray.

A creative can easily stray in thought, unless of course her time is bought.

Surprise,” says my good mind — “you are on the clock Qui, the compositional kind.”

With creativity on my side, I’m focused and literal with the whole nine.

It is the first day of the work week for most –  but I haven’t stopped since about a week ago.

Am I tired, yo? No. Not really. I love what I do in addition to talking to you. Me tire out… Don’t be silly.

The force of capacity is with “we” – you and I can do anything that we want to!

I’m Qui

Writing the way; let’s call it ‘stone for pave. Script dialogue is what I do.

And the characters look a lot like you