He Struck Me

In Communication, Griot, Networking, TV Shows, Video on March 12, 2021 at 1:37 pm

I’m quick with my reflexes but before I could get my viewing bearings straight, He Struck Me and I liked it. I liked it so much that I turned the other cheek and then to my DVR to schedule more to time to kick it with him. His name is BLACK LIGHTNING, have you seen him?

Most people in Freeland have seen him or at least heard of him.  I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of him since the end of season 3, episode 16, “The Book of War – Chapter 3: Liberation.” Then, about two weeks ago on a Monday I flipped the remote control onto CW and Ba-BAM!!! There was my Freeland fam acting out season 4.

Q: However did I lose this show on my line-up, eh?

A: The air day changed from Tuesday to Monday.

Changing the day of the week that a show usually airs on is the fastest way to lose viewers, but no complaints here. I’m glad to be reconnected to good television once again.

Then it struck me, this season only has 6 episodes in its entirety. Oh well, I’m sure the Black Lightning had his hands full fighting Covid and that it probably interfered with the production shooting schedule. It’s all good. I wonder if he had a hand in delivering vaccines to the hood? Probably. Check the Script Bible.


Yes, yes. What have we here?
He’s an educator with a past headed towards Dad Of The Year!

He’s not married, ladies – but he was.
He made two daughters out of love.

The ex-wife is Black Lightning‘s youthful love;
she’s still in his life, offering support and hugs but

the two parents can’t be in a relationship together.
He’s a great hero for the community folk — but for her, t’was rough weather.

I’ve been into the depths of the story line every since season 2.
Black Lightning airs on Mondays. Turn to CW and cop the view.

He’s cute too, his real name is Cress Williams 
and his IMDB profile makes him a man poised to catch millions.

He’s no rookie, he’s been in the television and film game forever.
Wikipedia says he’s 50, though the way he’s kept his body… isn’t God clever?

I am a fan of man and I do appreciate the view of Monday’s CW.
Mr. Black Lightning: I’m also a fan the latex suit that’s covering you!

Mama Mia!
Yes daddy, I see ya!

I see YOU too, kinfolk! It’s Friday! What have you got up for the eve?
I’m Qui
and I just wanted to share with thee, that Black Lightning has again Struck Me.


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