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Ah, homogenization. What does it mean?

Homogenization is not my joint.  I am a chronicler of life, because living is the point. 

I am a composer of story because structure is clear. I am a being of love and I find you to be dear.

Story is important. Do you remember those by the camp fire? Did they ever mention your lane, your passion, or your desire? 

Whatever your answer is, story remains true. There is no “homogenization” when talking about you. 

What works for others is not your bag. You can’t assume what the other guy had. Life just doesn’t work like that and it’s not all bad. 

Lasting impressions are made with story. There’s no new tale under the sun, but your influence reflects new glory 

and I want to write about it. Revive no stale tale. Birth new scripts, and invoke excite about it.

This morning finds me up and on my dialogue. My mind is alert, my interests perked — I’m focused on you with no fog.  

How are you today? You are not like the others. There’s something about you that says, “elevated lover.”

There’s something about you that’s worth scripting out. And “that’s the thing” that great composition is about.

Homogenization belongs to the milk factory – it’s what tastes good. Homogenization is not for messaging in the storytelling hood. 

Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, and Kiefer Sutherland alike, have all “come-up” via scripts of good writes. 

I’m watching you and writing. Life is remarkably exciting.

Care to read some? Oh yes, this is about you, hon.

Well, not quite about Mr. Nick Cannon — but I do admire his business acumen. 

Indeed, I do. But on a more specific topic, I’m writing about you. 

The way you walk, the way you talk — the way you hold your lips and clinch your jaw.

It’s news. You represent the community that molded you. 

My compositions are inspired by chaotic love and that awesome NBC series titled “THIS IS US.”

Have you seen it? Dialogue so good – one only dreams it. 

Every word of every conversation yields to proactive familial relations. The show is well composed and truly amazin.’

Curious about what to say in certain situations? “This Is Us” has the best conversation. What’s a view if it’s not about you comprehending elevation? 

The writing is thorough and deeply in-tune. They are 5 seasons in and coming to an end. It’s too soon!

Homogenization is not what humanity is about. Across the spectrum of man, “This Is Us” has serial clout. 

Communication is what it’s all about. Life isn’t much without it.
I’m Qui
You are my POV, much respect to thee. Please don’t ever doubt it.

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