Happy Third Day

In Communication, Griot, script writing, Self Improvement on March 31, 2021 at 5:15 am

Good morning Hump Day. How’s it hanging?
Spring is in the air and things are a changing.

My scripting load is heavy but not to exceed more than I can take.
I’ve been going strong for a little long and am in no need for a break.

Today is the third day; I do love Hump Day –
I’m up early to work – because later, I plan to play.

Right now, there’s  Netflix’s QUEEN SONO series in my face.
There’s no time for the jo.’ The two of us need space.

My coffee bean hiatus is temporary, I’m sure.
Tho to combat morning anxiety — this is proving to be a cure.


So I’m up sipping hot lemon water and life is breezy. 😊

How about you?
How’s the view?

Are you in the office or are you out and about?
Are you on holiday, taking PA, or just have high clout?

Either way, enjoy this day to the fullest.
And don’t watch too much TV – that stuff can be bullish.

Hug yourself and your fam; make a sweet memory today.
Time is non-refundable nor do moments come to stay.

Take advantage.
Prioritize well and you can manage.

Happy Third Day, baby and how do you do?
I’m Qui
Up early to reap the day’s firsts; a connoisseur of opportunistic dew.

Mr. King is interested in a view that is more reflective of America; more reflective of you.

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