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Cool Yellow Wall

In Communication, education, Griot, Self Improvement on April 19, 2021 at 5:15 am

Tarisma: But I don’t see life like you do. I never have.
Qui:  And that’s okay. Your perspective is useful to me. It help’s me to shape the dimensions of my own situation. My view should help you likewise. Your journey is not mine, and mine is not yours, but if you share your view and I share mine, we may be able to calibrate our own situations into something more dimensionally desirable. What do you think?

I like yellow.  In particular this shade of yellow:
Life is huge. I think of it as a big body of water filled with action bouys, (i.e., opportunity). Pick and choose. Opportunities come with certain consequences. Choose wisely.

Stay Focused. I purposely painted my office wall yellow. A sunny yellow because it helps to me to connect with my default sunny disposition. I like to stay focused on ‘what I mean,’ what I’m trying to represent. I prefer to  focus on and linger in the good. Good comes in waves. I ride the waves. I enjoy riding your good waves with you – call me the cheerleader. Good energy is to be shared, therefore, if you’re having a high day please feel free to drop by and ‘show off’ for me. lol! #PutMeOnTheList I love living “the good feeling” with you. Also, I give the biggest high fives and the tightest hugs. “Go for it! Get it! You deserve it!”

You Get what You Give. — I live by it. I give a lot of good energy and I get a lot of good energy back. It goes both ways. #Karma If you want people to greet you with a smile, approach them smiling. 8 times out of 10 it works for me. 🙂


The world is colorful don’t be blinded by it’s beauty.
You like traditional, but she likes tooth fruity.

You don’t have to be bought, you are not for sale.
This body of water is yours, set up your boat and sail.

Build a life you want to live and be sure to take care
with the color of your walls and the memoirs you hang there.

You will see this every day, it will meet you at every point;
I painted my wall yellow because I like to feel sunny in my joint.

Life has many compartments, (i.e., many rooms),
Perhaps in another area, I’ll paint it a periwinkle hue.

This life (space) is yours, insist that it benefits you – without stall,
I’m Qui
Happy Monday morning to thee, focus on you and the hue of your wall.

Tarisma is currently working on her sunny disposition. She also confessed that her walls were factory gray and that she’s currently looking through swatches ISO a positive connection to change the color

Tarisma is the childhood friend that keeps me grounded. We’ve been friends since 7th grade English Honors class. I love her and need her.

Taking It All In

In News on April 17, 2021 at 5:15 am
Photo by Mikey Wu on Unsplash

Spring is in the air, peep the lush lawn, bushes and trees.
Spring is in the air, I’m reminded every time I sneeze.

Achoo! What about you, how doth Spring agree?
Did you spend all week in the house with the TV?
Well, thank God for the weekend’s sweet release.
Or was it more like the Judge’s gav’ adjourning?

I know that you know what I mean I watched it a few times, too.
Not sure which page our era is on, but I’m in here with you, Boo.

‘Still in love with you, too. I’m steadfast for unity.
What else do you think I eat, sleep, and breathe?

A closer vibe between you & me.

It’s quite the dream…
one that I’d like to engage in this Spring.

What have you got planned for the day?
What do you say ‘we put on some masks and make a quick dash to the park and play?

Have you eaten breakfast, yet? If not, please allow me to cook.
Bacon and eggs upon request, or a smoothie for a more svelte look.

Whatcha going for?
Whatever you desire, I aim to score.

We got this…I got this. Today is a day for our inner child,
I’m Qui
Up early with thee filled with thanks and humility bidding you love, prosperity, and smiles.

Photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash


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Love, smiles, and laughter.
Do so often, quicker, and faster

than you used to.
MAKE MORE good in the world because YOU ARE DUE.

MAKE MORE Children, strong drinks, and good tales between friends.
Make more purposeful moves towards more lucrative ends.

It’s what’s poppin.’
Produce positive vibes and the universe will insist “no stoppin.'”

So, what good will you be focused on coppin’ today?
Will you triumph over huhrdles while you “career conquer & slay?”
Is that what you’re up to today?

Me? I’m definitely up for some good.
I don’t need to reiterate my admiration of the majestic woods…

so, I won’t.
Such contents would be filed under Genre Grown.

My mid-week seeds are sown in research and script bibliography.
I can hardly create free & clear due to headlines being thrown at me.

It’s the way that life works.
She’s a 3-piece suit and a skirt.

She is spiky heels and Stacy Adams shoes.
She is jazz, pop, rock, rap, rhythm & blues.
She’s full of options for our pick and choose.
If you like it get excited; create and/or be a muse.

Me? I’m a mid-week hump’er.
I like the chase and I love the conquer.

I’m in it to win it with interests to bring you along.
It’s my reel desire – creativity is broad and strong.

I am encouraged to MAKE MORE of whatever it is that we need to move forward in life,
I’m Qui
Watching you inspires me to write, write, write compositions of humanity, causality, and insight.

Art imitates life, and so I confess that I bite.

To keep you on your toes I script-up surprise.