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Your Best

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on April 12, 2021 at 4:20 am

Give it and the Creator will take care of the rest.
All that is required of you in your lifetime is Your Best

It is required in order for you to reach –
the highest level of “all you can be.”

You do not have to join the military to be “the best you.”
But if you choose to be a soldier, I hope it’s in God’s Army, too.

That’s where you can find me.
In the trenches in prayer for “the interests of we.”

It’s the best me that I have to give.
Doing your best is the happiest way to live.

Give Your Best and the Creator will take care of the rest
I’m Qui,
and Monday is upon us with the best opportunity yet!

F i n d it. M i n e it.