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In Communication, script writing, Self Improvement on April 15, 2021 at 12:14 am

Love, smiles, and laughter.
Do so often, quicker, and faster

than you used to.
MAKE MORE good in the world because YOU ARE DUE.

MAKE MORE Children, strong drinks, and good tales between friends.
Make more purposeful moves towards more lucrative ends.

It’s what’s poppin.’
Produce positive vibes and the universe will insist “no stoppin.'”

So, what good will you be focused on coppin’ today?
Will you triumph over huhrdles while you “career conquer & slay?”
Is that what you’re up to today?

Me? I’m definitely up for some good.
I don’t need to reiterate my admiration of the majestic woods…

so, I won’t.
Such contents would be filed under Genre Grown.

My mid-week seeds are sown in research and script bibliography.
I can hardly create free & clear due to headlines being thrown at me.

It’s the way that life works.
She’s a 3-piece suit and a skirt.

She is spiky heels and Stacy Adams shoes.
She is jazz, pop, rock, rap, rhythm & blues.
She’s full of options for our pick and choose.
If you like it get excited; create and/or be a muse.

Me? I’m a mid-week hump’er.
I like the chase and I love the conquer.

I’m in it to win it with interests to bring you along.
It’s my reel desire – creativity is broad and strong.

I am encouraged to MAKE MORE of whatever it is that we need to move forward in life,
I’m Qui
Watching you inspires me to write, write, write compositions of humanity, causality, and insight.

Art imitates life, and so I confess that I bite.

To keep you on your toes I script-up surprise.