Taking It All In

In News on April 17, 2021 at 5:15 am
Photo by Mikey Wu on Unsplash

Spring is in the air, peep the lush lawn, bushes and trees.
Spring is in the air, I’m reminded every time I sneeze.

Achoo! What about you, how doth Spring agree?
Did you spend all week in the house with the TV?
Well, thank God for the weekend’s sweet release.
Or was it more like the Judge’s gav’ adjourning?

I know that you know what I mean I watched it a few times, too.
Not sure which page our era is on, but I’m in here with you, Boo.

‘Still in love with you, too. I’m steadfast for unity.
What else do you think I eat, sleep, and breathe?

A closer vibe between you & me.

It’s quite the dream…
one that I’d like to engage in this Spring.

What have you got planned for the day?
What do you say ‘we put on some masks and make a quick dash to the park and play?

Have you eaten breakfast, yet? If not, please allow me to cook.
Bacon and eggs upon request, or a smoothie for a more svelte look.

Whatcha going for?
Whatever you desire, I aim to score.

We got this…I got this. Today is a day for our inner child,
I’m Qui
Up early with thee filled with thanks and humility bidding you love, prosperity, and smiles.

Photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash

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