The Way Things Are Shaking Out

In News on April 21, 2021 at 9:09 am
Come on lil’ fella,’ shake a tail.

Good morning, good looking. How are you today?
What time did you wake up? Did you kneel and pray?

I sure hope so, because today holds a lot.
If today isn’t your payday, you probably aren’t looking for squat.

But you should be.
The fact that you are alive is key.

Vibrate higher.
Be a composer of good and then be a sire.

Good morning, good looking. How’s it shaking?
If doing good isn’t 1st nature to you – get to faking.

Jit-up good intent until it’s authentically you.
Allow today to ‘shake-out a much better hue.

Days until Summer? We still have a few.
Good morning, good looking. What what are you going through?

I’d rather focus on today and our efforts to clip the Covid jeers.
2020 was blurry, hate-plentiful & in a hurry; Thank God for change this year.

The way things are shaking out – President Biden and VP Harris are at the helm stitching united sums.
Minnesota delivered lawful progress and the Black Community was hugged.

It felt good and we all hugged the moment back.
And while my soul could breathe, there is something we all still lack —


The Chauvin verdict renewed the idea of “exceptional good,”
but how will it affect American history and the future of minority hoods?

It was less than a year ago— when George Floyd lost his 46-year-old life.
I was hurt, but not shocked, I told God, and I cried.

Then I stood up and marched on.
I composed Griot pieces with no alarm
and continued to support America, our home.

It’s what’s we do when things don’t shake-out the way that we want them to.
We pick ourselves up and pray for safe passage to make it through.

We give ol’ Sulk-a-lot the boot.
I’m quick to ditch sulk —you should too.

We’re Americans; we unite. It’s just what we do.
We calibrate for unity — democracy rules.

Celebrations are going on in a couple of states, perhaps even a few.
We’re Americans; we unite, and we accept reality’s truths.

The way that things are shaking out… makes me want to do a little twerk
at the possibility of achieving equality and unity by putting in a little lawful work.

What are your thoughts? What good will today toss-up or bring about?
I’m Qui
True to the RED, the WHITE, and the BLUE — even when in doubt about “The Way Things Are Shaking Out”.

April 20, 2021 displayed new hope in our scope…


about UNITY.

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