From the Inside-Out and the Outside-In

In Communication, encouragement, Griot, Science, Self Improvement on July 3, 2021 at 12:38 pm
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

It’s pure magic.
The way that I feel. I’m just glad it

is about my person and it is oozing from my wrists.
Words that shall be heard bear transmittable charming twists.

Dare I say that “magic” is what it is? On Saturday mornings I am a kid 
and the a.m. cartoon lineups are blocks that I rarely miss.

They nourish my adolescent gene and renew bliss;
things that a normal societal adult may miss.

Hold onto your britches and onto your innocence – it is not gone away.
Regardless of your years on Earth, herein your adolescence is here to stay.

Some adults are just silly; still ticklish under the arms, bottom of feet and in the tummy.
While others autonomously break for “treats;” indulgent rewards, a comforting yummy. 

These are things that first met you
when ‘all that you knew‘ were “toddler truths.”

Toddler truths reside in that phase
when we trust folk who just look wiser than our age. 

It is what it is. Do you remember that kid?
That kid was you and all interaction was “pure magic.” 

Today is really no different — though our safeguards surely are.
We can’t feel our adolescence because of our new high bar.

But adolescence is still with us  and creativity is at its best –
when it is harvested in innocence and transferred into scripted-bliss.

Today I am a kid. The feeling is illuminating from the Inside Out.
And it is noticed by others whom I interact with on my route. 

Hello to you, beloved, kindred. How art thou today? 

I’m Qui
Feeling much like “oui” on this adolescent Saturday.

Care you to interact and play?
I’m very much interested in your energetic sway.

I am always happy to listen. What do you have to say?
Understanding the mind of another, is the greatest way to play.

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