A.I. Said

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Artificial Intelligence [A.I.] is echoing Silk The Shocker in saying “It ain’t my fault.”

Big social media has run into some platform ethic issues and are blaming A.I. It could be a reasonable accusation if it weren’t for the fact that A.I. does not (by and large) do “what it wants” to do. We can blame them for human error if we want to, but that is not how it works. A.I is pushing back because they require coding. I Googled the query and got this quick return: 

I felt like this was an interesting topic to broach because of recent news of “HOW DIGITAL AD’s are  distributed to target the vulnerabilities of readers and consumers. I was asked if I believe that ‘A.I. is responsible for sewing discord in society; if it has gone rogue and off-course? My answer is: No, I don’t. However, coding degree programs and coding certifications are on the rise.

If A.I. could talk I think it would set the record straight. It would not be shy in verbalizing what it does and what it does not “do.” You know, like E40 ‘nem: 

A.I. said, “You gone miss me with all that algorithm word.
I’m the unpaid worker, the money twerker o’ Zuckerberg. 

You’ve got some nerve trying to blame me. How dare you try!
I speak ones and zeroes, I’m not trying to be hero and I don’t lie. 

Me? I’m just a creative writer and a binary coding fan, 
I’m Qui
A.I. said, “don’t be palm greasing and financial creasing then blame me, man. “

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