Things Are Looking Up

In Communication, encouragement, Griot, Self Improvement on October 29, 2021 at 3:15 am
Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Most major light sources are located overhead. Whether fixed on a ceiling, an 80 ft pole on a street corner, or the almighty sun, when true light is needed seekers look up. The light of the world has been dimming for quite a while.  When I say, “the light of the world,” I mean the human vibe. When I was younger I remember everything and everyone being new to me – I met all with excitement. Today, I am happy to report that nothing has changed. I think that my love of learning and my compassion for people strengthens me to not quit during the dim eras of life. I keep my eyes up, I focus on the light and I chart my course to higher ground. 

As a writer, I’d be lying to you if I denied being concerned about how history will recall our lifetime. What on Earth will they say? We read about and even patronize a namesake theme park, “Medieval Times,” trying to encapsulate a moment.  When Medieval Times is mentioned my mind immediately goes to the highlighted beauty of the horses and the winches and a myriad of other scenes that roll in with dust and unpaved roads. In the end, I am reminded that Black people were not documented so much in those historical annals. We all know why and that leads me to thanking God for the Emancipation Proclamation; the light of evolution in the mind and heart of man

Change is not easy, but it is constant, with or without human consent. And sometimes change feels dark, because we feel it before we see it and it has no history. Change can sometimes feel like fear until you realize what it is. Change is newness. When I think of “new” I think bright, shiny, exciting, fresh intel and then I open my mind, my heart and my hands, (if necessary) to receive it. I kind of feel  like a wide receiver in the way that I’m running through life looking up at towards the light with my arms and hands extended. I’m headed towards a touchdown. 

No one has ever run towards the end zone with their head-down expecting to catch a ball and score, so why run that route in life?

Look up and realize that the sky isn’t actually falling — those are old, dead leaves. Shake them off and admire the beauty of the sun. The sky is the limit in crafting what tomorrow will look like. If we are still in the night of life right now, remember that darkness does not reign forever and sunlight is on the way

Go on and look up, things are going to go your way.
Never mind the dim blinds, they’re a temporary overlay.

Push through and look for the break because there is true light ahead.
Hold you composure, the night’s at its closure and will soon be put to bed.  

Look up then stretch out your arms and your hands
and run like your favorite wide receiver all over opportunity’s land. 

The coming light will make it easier for you to see.
Realize that you can indeed be whatever it is you want to be

If your vantage view is a dark navy hue, forge ahead mindfully and in love
I’m Qui
A flashlight of write in the dark of the night, reminding you of the good in Looking Up. 

The ball is in route to your court

Prepare to score.

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