Friday Mentality

In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on November 5, 2021 at 5:15 am
Photo by JPphotoMIAMI on Unsplash

Photo by JPphotoMIAMI on Unsplash

Good morning beloved Friday. What will your fine consistency get us into?
Will we be united in commanding the universe or yielding to a screw?

The day is poised for beauty.  The day is poised to be a cure.
The day is positioned to get on your nerves – but don’t let that be a sure. 😛

Hello good looking. How’s your Friday. Yes, you. Good morning to ya.’
Give what you want, do a thing or you don’t, and refrain from letting folks screw ya.’

Su-sussudio! Are you familiar the word? Be encouraged by the tune.
Fix your eyes and your lips, slip something  comfy onto your hips
and decide to ‘do the most by noon.

It’s not a bad idea and you have plenty of time
to customize your situation to cast a mindful shine.

Do-do-do the most! Why not? It’s the weekend baby.
Do-do-do you and let success be a lady.

She likes you a lot and I like you, too.
Do-do-do the most. Be Fabulous in being you.

Look alive, be on point, and don’t forget to feel pretty.
To miss the flight of a jet nearby would be a legacy pity.


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