Oh Me, Oh My! It’s so good to be alive.

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on November 12, 2021 at 3:15 am

tenor_its good to be alive
Good morning beloved: I do love life.
All isn’t sunshine neither is it all strife.

My day fluctuates between leisure and unbelievably busy.
If it weren’t for my production team I’d be overbooked and looking silly.

I am grateful this morning, beloved. Do scoot-in much closer towards me.
Let’s stay in the sheets until 15-minutes after 3 and admire our heartbeats.

Let’s lay in awe of the autonomy to breathe.
Inhale, exhale, admire and repeat.

Let’s do a couple more million reps.
Let’s stay oxygenated to avoid low depths.

Today all will be well.
Let’s start it by jamming Edie Brickell:

What have you got up today? Thank God that Friday is here.
Fall is in full effect and with it – the warmth of familial cheer.

I’m bombarded with story, script compositions, chronicles, and such
to the point that I have not been able to sit idle and give Neilson much love.

Distributors used to push extended film trailers to get your attention.
Today, we are lucky if a new film gets a strong 15-second mention.

Television network stations used to scrap with digital streaming folk for local life.
Today networks have birthed their own apps-of-worth and left Google and ROKU to fight

Oh Me, Oh My! It’s so good to be alive,
The world is in search of an objective to assist humanity’s thrive. 

Life will improve and broadcast entertainment will, again soar sharp.
I know because I’m doing the research, I see the numbers and the messaging heart.

We have got to show the viewers a clear window… perhaps, two or three 
of what is capable for the good future of you and me.

Script composition is just one way to show…
Seed nourishing information and watch us all grow.

For anyone who’s just waking up and haven’t a clue as to what you will or won’t do once you rise– 
consider approaching the day with meditation and pray; give thanks for your breath and your life.

As hard as you slept last night, He never once left your side.

Good morning beloveds, we indeed have our work cut out for us today,
I’m Qui
Glad to start the day with thee, it’s gonna be rad – because I prayed.

Prayer has been known to bring clarity, understanding, and light.
Say to culprit de overcast: “Oh Me, Oh My! It’s so good to be alive.”


  1. your article here is so infectious! Now I have to remind myself periodically to appreciate life better, and to enjoy it the way you do. thanks for a wonderful wake-up message.

    • I am so happy that you found appreciation in my article. YOU ROCK and I appreciate your encouraging comments. I’m no Manny Pacquiao but I had to hit you back!!! PS — I appreciate your blog too. You are quite the #Sport.

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