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ROCKY and BRUISED are kin.

Halle Berry is the Director and Protagonist of BRUISED. She does a knock-out job portraying Jackie “Pretty Bull” Justice; a former bad arsed UFC fighter who was undefeated until she was defeated and that’s where the film begins.

Against unbelievable odds Berry Directs and fights like a man. I am a fan of Stallone’s ROCKY film series, and especially the first and original ROCKY. Stallone wrote, directed and starred in ROCKY.

I am fan of “the fight for life,” and what it might entail:

The struggle.
The pain.
The realization.
The low.
The fight.
The rise.

ROCKY’s intentional emotions bled through the screen and resonated with the audience on personal levels best explained by the theorems of Behavioral Science. BRUISED yields the same gut punch.

Good looks (genetics) are on display in both films…

Good looks can be a blessing and a curse.
For after an “L” or two, one’s appearance could start to slur:

Spot the resemblance…

Beauty is born out of chaos. It’s science; it’s human, it’s Rocky and Jackie Justice’s story. BRUISED is a recipe of great story written by Michelle Rosenfarb and great storytelling –because Berry directs the snot of it. Or at least out of me. I cried like a baby at almost every emotional cue. I’m easy that way… I don’t mind being in touch with my emotions.

Life is short, I want to feel it and Berry let me have it. That’s when I looked at the young lady next to me and said, “Is Bruised Rocky’s little sister?” She replied, “I thought I recognized that heart.” While not DNA exacto BRUISED is kin to ROCKY. If you haven’t already seen this knockout film, peep it on Netflix – it’s a game changer towards the price of reimagining women lead roles. I love it. It’s rough, non-binary and insightful. I had to share it with you because Big takes care of little.”

This film is outstanding! Put it on your list and persue it.
Jackie is hetero,- though there’s a scene where she’s fluid.

And life ain’t always pretty, still we go forward; we do it.
If pains contain fractures, strains,  and maternity refrains? How do you do it?

Rocky was strong in the face of adversity;
blessed to have Adrian and Micky’s solidarity. 

Jackie has a mom, who is damaged and less whole,
though by the end of the film I sensed a better maternal soul. 

Women are starring in roles that expose their lows
in order to help heal, lift up, and render them whole. 

This is how film becomes education:
find the part that speaks to you and ride the positive relation.

Buddakhan is the name of Berry’s cast mate co-star  
who trains warriors how to level up and kick start.

Buddakhan and Justice shared a very intimate scene.
It was classy, it was light; deux femmes on fine sheets.

The film is all action, emotion & heart. I flinched, I cried and laughed alike,
I’m Qui
Being reel with thee to fight for what can be — per Halle Berry and a BRUISED life.

The kin herein is our relative will to survive.

Care you to LEVEL UP, push through and purposefully thrive?

  1. Loved the Bruised teaser. Loved the preview. Thanks for this, man. Will definitely look it up.

    • Ah! I’m glad you could dig it. With your penchant for SPORTS, I think you’ll like it. Also, THANKS for dropping by, reading, and commenting. I appreciate it.

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