Monday’s Magic

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Monday’s Magic is sponsored by You.
Support yourself in all that you do.

Monday’s Magic isn’t really magic at all,
it’s a constant when you lead and make-the-call.

So what’ll it be? Today, will you keep it real?
You don’t need a sleight of hand or Copperfield.

You are the magic, you are the jazz.
Grab the-bull-of-the-day and kick it in the azz.

I would.
Especially if the difference would make us feel good.

When I awoke this morning wouldn’t you know
the first thing I heard was a song by Counting Crows

that goes:


Monday’s Magic is facilitated in part by MR. JONES.
You’ve long known that he and I “have a thing going on.”

It’s all appropriate in Monday’s Magic vibe.
Me and Mr. Jones — We are glad to be alive

If you concur, then get-up and get-at-it.
The last Monday of the year hold oodles of Magic.

Opportunity abounds
and lots of love in the round. 

We’re all in this together, so let’s be mindful and finish strong.
We can make Monday feel like Magic; be the words in a song. 

May your life’s composition lead to you more love and prosperity; may it go long,
I’m Qui
Digging Counting Crows and Mr. Jones.

See it.

Call it.

Be it. 

There’s a bit of magic in the TRADING PLACES classic.
Let’s take another look at it: 

The magic isn’t in the dollar,
but knowledge under the collar.

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