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Loving You Always

In News on July 12, 2021 at 7:37 am

Good morning o’ Goodness. How do you do?
I’m finally up this morning and I’m thinking about you. 

I went the whole weekend with my head in research.
Being a nerd is what’s really word; my brain reveals lobe-girth.

Art imitates life whenever it is necessary to make a fine point.
So, I interview folk who parallel the characters in my scripted joints.

My scripted joints are inspired by life, kind of like the compositions of FARGO.
Society functions under a guise until society realizes the guise must go.

And it is there where I am inspired to write, yo.
There’s a right for every wrong and karma is always good to go.

Though beyond the writing, what else is there to be done?
Tell me, does building an empire sound like much fun?
What about when you realize that it has got to be done
if you intend for your residuals to go the long run — I do intend, hon.’

Mindful I am to dot every “i” and cross every “t,”
if I am to build lasting wealth for my legacy.

In addition to all that I have going on,
you, o’ Goodness are my favorite jones.
No matter what’s on my agenda, you have it going on.

For an opportunity to leisure with you — I’d yield myself prone
and chronicle a piece that feels like a song:

I’m loving you “AS.” — Yes!
Stevie Wonder conveys it best.

Oh, Monday, I do love you so.
I enjoyed the suns rise while sipping Cafe Bustelo.

The sun came up beautifully and it was well worth the wait.
What good are you nourishing to fruition on this day?

I hope you did kneel and pray before leaving the house.
Mondays are fundays with tendencies to louse.

I pray “louse” misses you
while goodness & opportunity kisses you.

When you kiss us back please make mine sweet,
I’m Qui
Good Morning o’ Goodness today is where creative congealing meets.


In #SeveralLayersDeep, Communication, encouragement, Griot, Self Improvement on July 11, 2021 at 9:02 am

The Goodness of life, love, energy, family, and friends,
yields me to wander about God and all of the work that He’s put in. 

Goodness is what it is.
You can get it from an adult, an animal, and/or a kid.

God is the absolute creator of it. 
Goodness is great to render – though to be a recipient of it,

I love it.

We are taught: The Goodness of life can be harvested after good seeds are sown.
However, goodness consistently manifests in children decades away from being grown.

Science on the issue? Mind blown.

Everything that you think and do is presented by/as “a seed.”
You either nourish the good of it or neglect it as “a weed.”

Reasons to neglect a seed are based off of “from whence it came.”
Was the seeding from a place of love or coming from a place of lame & shame?

Goodness doesn’t foster lame nor shame, it is attracted to the good that you produce.
Goodness is a mindful vibe to reside in;  your best always produces good juice.

How does your vibe taste? Is The Goodness coming through?

I’m Qui

Scientifically sowing & juicing – I’m quite into The Goodness of youth…

Mmm. What is that in your soup?

GRACE Soup Image by GIFER

Don’t Be Afraid

In Comedy, education, encouragement, Griot, script writing, Self Improvement, Video on July 5, 2021 at 3:28 pm

It’s so easy and fun that I’m almost afraid.
My creativity is off-the-charts and many are amazed. 

Me? I thank God for amazing grace, then I sit up and take my place at the table.
For the work that I am all-out creating, surely there are others who parallel “able.” 

Aren’t there?
Our dear Megan is a Stallion; I am a Mare.

I’m almost afraid to blaze the trails in the way that I do.
Those who see me coming question if my capacity is true. 

I am so real.
Scripts are composed with a flesh and bone feel.

Most of the contents herein will remind you of the best you.
Writers who match my capacity? There are still a few. 

Genre bridges are like literal hopscotch to me.
I script Drama, Action, Suspense, and Comedy relief. 

Not even the genre Horror mystifies me.
For I am an Alumni to the summits of Robert McKee. 

Ooo wee. It feels so good & out-write easy.
Ooo wee. It’s a great time to be a relative key.

JILL SCOTT – “I’m not afraid”

Ooo child, today is a good day to ask this of you:
What in the world is it that you’re afraid to do?

There should be no fear. Let me make this absolutely clear –
whatever good it is that you desire to produce, you have got creative support right here

As for me? I’m ready to go; I’ve got an excellent team on my side,

I’m Qui


Don’t Be Afraid to don your skilled horse, jump through a few hoops, and ride. 

You look good in your element

It is a gift, not a buy, nor a rent.