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It’s THURSDAY and…

In Communication, education, fitness, Griot, Self Improvement, weightloss on April 29, 2021 at 4:20 am
If I had a harness I could possibly skip leg day.
Photo by narubono on Unsplash

My inner thighs are tight because leg work is the leading goal-
if I ever intend to suspend myself upside down on the pole.
Oh. You didn’t know?
Yes, honey child, I ‘done put up a pole.

You and I should chit-chat and catch up soon.
I’ve been working out strong from dusk to high noon,

or so does it feel —
the results are coming in and are the real deal.

I’m down quite a bit; a little more than twenty,
I’m muscle building now, days-til-poling? Still plenty.

Are you curious as to why I’m working the pole?
Leo’s love a challenge and muscle building is goal.

Upper body fitness is what I’m missing.
I heard pole dance is quite befitting.

I’ve researched it live and It is no joke, still I admire it in excite.
Plus it’s an excellent skill to list on my resume besides “Write.”

What do you think? Maybe? Maybe not?
Whether I “resume it” or not my arms will look hot,

So I’m definitely going for it.
When it comes to progress, I like to “top score” it.

This morning will find me doing both working & playing,
I’m Qui
It’s Thursday and the art of living is what I’m slaying.

What manner of challenge have you found yourself facing?
If you’re looking to conquer it, plan to enjoy the chasing.

Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

Good Morning o’ Goodness

In News, Science, script writing, Self Improvement on April 26, 2021 at 8:04 am

Good morning o’ Goodness. How do you do?
I’m finally up this morning and I’m thinking about you. 

I went the whole weekend with my head in research.
Being a nerd is what’s really word; my brain reveals lobe-girth.

Art imitates life whenever it is necessary to make a fine point.
So, I interview folk who parallel the characters in my scripted joints.

My scripted joints are inspired by life, kind of like the compositions of FARGO.
Society functions under a guise until society realizes the guise must go.

And it is there where I am inspired to write, yo.
There’s a right for every wrong and karma is always good to go.

Though beyond the writing, what else is there to be done?
Tell me, does building an empire sound like much fun?
What about when you realize that it has got to be done
if you intend for your residuals to go the long run I do intend, hon.’

Mindful I am to dot every “i” and cross every “t,”
if I am to build lasting wealth for my legacy.

In addition to all that I have going on,
you, o’ Goodness are my favorite jones.
No matter what’s on my agenda, you have it going on.

For an opportunity to leisure with you — I’d yield myself prone
and chronicle a piece that feels like a song:

I’m loving you “AS.” — Yes!
  Stevie Wonder conveys it best.

Oh, Monday, I do love you so.
I enjoyed the suns rise while sipping Cafe Bustelo.

The sun came up beautifully and it was well worth the wait.
What good are you nourishing to fruition on this day?

I hope you did kneel and pray before leaving the house.
Mondays are fundays with tendencies to louse.

I pray “louse” misses you
while goodness & opportunity kisses you.

When you kiss us back please make mine sweet,
I’m Qui
Good Morning o’ Goodness today is where creative congealing meets.


In Comedy, Communication, Griot, Networking, News on April 24, 2021 at 9:30 am

It’s that time again, (if not for all, at least) for many
that ye shall get elevated for this years celebration of 4/20.

The weekend is here and has brought with —
several ways that you can score a pretty good lift.

First up, Fab5Freddy; he’s a statesman and teacher–
Let’s kick it with him and B-Real in: GRASS IS GREENER:

Inhale. Get Well. .

Oh yes! It’s going down at shared rounds in many legal states today.
There’ll be Ice Cream Cake and Lemon Bubble  for the give-and-take.

Do partake and inhale a good documented deep breath.
With banana leaf in hand – Dave Chappelle understands
that Snoop is no scavenger guest.

Method Man isn’t smoking on film, he’s moved past rolling verge on the directory page–
to kicking it with Forest Whittaker in Season 2 of Epix’s HARLEM GODFATHER phase.

Saturday is for play. May 4/24 usher in much blaze.
Let us get up & flick-up some insightful reel hay.

I’m already awake and watching HALF BAKED — after all MJ is legal in so many states. So what will you be taking-in today?

Play & watch! Watch & play!
I’m Qui
nudging on thee and looking 420’s way.

Come with

and don’t be a scavenger friend…