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School is amazing. If you know anything about me, then you know that I love it.
Multimedia rules the world. Folks say ‘they hate it and ‘then they hug it

It can be a blessing and a curse, it can be influential and pique.
I like the way that Comedy is being served up at ABBOTT ELEMENTARY

A.E. is a fundamental new series premiering on ABC.
Quinta Brunson is the creator and a fine example of BE.

Season 1, episode 8 is titled Work Family and reminds me of a chronicle herein,
where I suggest that “work associates” are our “corporate kins.”

They are more than staffed acquaintances… we should call them friends.
And when it comes to producing objective key results for the cause of one they go-all-in. 

Objective Key Results are on display via A.E.’s protagonist route.
Quinta is of comedy sketch DNA. You should check her out.

The productive progress that this pint-sized woman has yielded
has me checking DNA ancestry… I think this woman is guilded:

I see a lot of myself in the second grade teacher. I, too, am an optimist, eternal.

I have a personal friend who works in the public school system inside of the state of New York
He is BE, refined, elevated, and sharp. 

And when I say sharp I mean in an administrative capacity; he’s got good fruit.
He shows up for work sporting grant ideas and wearing tailor suits.

He has been in this position for nearly a decade
and the school’s principle accounts for a huge percentage of gray in his day.

She lives to put him down, as if she intends to stand atop of his head.
She reminds me of Dr. Seuss’ Yertle the Turtle and what MC Lyte said:


Remember lessons like that? Fundamental stuff.
Which brings me back to A.E.’s Principle-in-the-rough.

Quinta scripted a spot-on role of a power-hungry soul
and while the principle is my least favorite character, her comedic quips are gold.

My Business Manager friend who works in New York
has texted me a few times regarding her “productive thwarts.”

She’s all gas, empty laughs and sports a very confused heart.
Quinta scripted the characters spot on, reflective of “we;” composition smart.

After watching the series premier, I contacted my friend to herald the sitcom news
but he had already seen it and was melancholy about the view.

It was then that my tactful friend said, “Quinta is doing well,”
‘but (for how the principle that he reports to acts) A.E.’s Principle can go to hell. 

That’s just how REAL Quinta’s scripting is; it hits so close to home.
Besides the side-show that is the principle’s yolk
Abbott Elementary is educating the viewers dome. 

The Work Family relationships that are brought to light in Episode 8
remind me of my networking style served-up on a plate.  

I am an optimist eternal and it’s difficult for me to give up on most folk.
For their good intentions I hold-out for hope

Hoping that we can get along well, simply because we are on the same team.
I am an optimist eternal with an active silver-lining gleam.

Quinta’s character “JANINE” and I are on the same team;
she feels like co-workers are “family too, and I know what she means.

Family is family and crosses DNA and color lines
Family comes through for you when you are in a bind.

Have you ever been in a jam at your career gig
and a co-workers resolution soothed your wig?

A time or two this has indeed been my A.I. reality
and in those moments my co-workers felt like kin to me. 

I have to refrain from divvying bear hugs.
When my co-workers go the distance for me, I call it love.

There’s a whole lot of love betwixt the co-workers in this comedy.
I am not alone in my appreciation for Abbott Elementary:

Sherly Lee Ralph and Tyler James Williams also bring their “BE” game to each episodic lesson,
I’m Qui
Watching ABC mold & teach – reminds me of yesterday’s “After School Special” blessin’s.

Abbott Elementary is much more on cue
with what social vibes and relative education is going through.

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