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Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

You know what I think fun is? Maybe you don’t.
Though if you don’t ask me, then you surely won’t,

so I’d like to share with you my thoughts
on fun under the sun that can’t be bought

and has proven over time to de-bump the bumpy.
This act, dear kinfolk, is what I call a FUNDY.

It can happen on a Monday but most often towards the weekend.
Because “monotony” can’t survive when you’re among friends

Most weekend slots have a history of being a fun day.
But that’s no reason to not try “the feeling” on a Monday.

Monday’s fun doesn’t spell out like the weekends choice.
Monday’s fun uses an insiders voice….


of wisdom.

Makebeing well informed and staying on your toesinto a game.
One that you take pride in carrying out without any shame.

Take the day by the rays and forge the universe with your desire.
It would help if you had on board a little Shirley Chisholm, Sagittarius fire.

You don’t have to be a fire sign to rile up and make a difference.
Use your air, earth and water chemistry to course correct systemics.

All that is required for us to win this,
is us, committing our best in it.
All truth, please; no gimmick.
Make every Monday a Fun Day – and go with it!

Focus on your abs and laugh a little more. 
Invest in multiple streams of revenue with residual scores:

Nick Cannon and Master P
makes “the work look fun” and amply inspire me.

Perception enhances journey and Gamification provides the way,
I’m Qui
loving on thee towards the “relative we,” – as we play out another BE Monday.

Do it.

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