Whatchu Talmbout in Church

In fitness, Music, News, Video on March 6, 2022 at 7:01 am

‘Get it brother/deacon!

The following is my a.m. goto aerobics video.
Jump on it and thank God for your agility, yo.


I have been to church via digital stream and I’m feeling A-Okay.
I have prayed for the families who are affected by the war of today.

Everyone should be concerned – do not try to look away. Tomorrow is unknown so thank God today.

I’ve jammed to several other videos that support my joyful point,
but none as fly as the Praise Team nigh jamming to Janelle’s joint.

Good morning dear kinfolk, we are at the Sabbath Day again,
I’m Qui
Up having fun before the rise of the sun, getting my cardio on with my church friends.

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