The X in Fox and Netflix

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Look closely. The X in Fox and Netflix look extremely similar. What do you think? Not sure? Lean in closer at THE CLEANING LADY and OZARKS to be more specific. Do you see any resemblance?

Last night while watching The Cleaning Lady Season 1 – Episode 10, I started to shutter with “verbatim story” vibes that were first eXecuted in Ozarks, Season 4 – Episode 7.

Let me clarify the similarities:

  • Drug dealing storyline.
  • An engaging Law Enforcement supporting role.
  • A married couple with kid(s).
  • The female protagonist strikes a deal with law enforcement for the good of the drug dealer…

Each series is equivalent to “addictive tube watching.” Have you seen either show? —Janet Jackson didn’t produce them, but “that’s the way” good shows go.

Do not spend your life imitating popular shows —
for as the antagonist rises, flails and twists in jailthat’s just how life goes.

So, remember that — and always be sure to check
wether or not the situations you find yourself in deserves an “X.”

It’s okay to watch a good show while sitting on the edge of your seat.
It’s another thing for you to be taking “life notes” from good tube-addiction meat.

Laugh at it – but please don’t be.
In fact, course-correct your traits when you watch TV.

Xout any actions that you are doing in your life
that attribute to any discomfort, lag, or strife.

You do not need it.
For everything that you see on TV… do not heed it.

F.Y.I. This is the last season of life for the cast of OZARKS,
but so help me God, Fox is giving off flint sparks!

THE CLEANING LADY is only in its first and impressive season.
If their writers pick-up where Ozarks writers cut — ’tis be new watching reason.

Excuse me for loving a good Action Fiction.
I dig the composition, but what’s the marketing mission?

Somehow I, get the feeling that both of these excellent shows —
are a system for washing law enforcements reputation of federal-level unjust-lows.

Each show scripts incredible leniency from Feds to criminals and informants.
If this is a reflection of truths, the law in the Black community hasn’t been “on it.”

Nooo Lord :/ .
There are no deals, only time… and hard.

But still, the shows are smart to run a good play on a fictional spin,
I’m Qui
Side-eye peeping
Fox and Netflix because they look a lot like kin.

Season 4 Part 2 | COMING SOON


The CLEANING LADY airs on Monday nights.

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