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Great shows birth humanity. | Image Credit: Giphy

There are two show’s that keep me thinking about humanity and morale, they are FOX’s RESIDENT and NBC’s THIS IS US.

Are you watching either?
I’m a lover of people, and yes, I’m a crier.

I’m all about humanity; I’m all about hugs.
You should see me in my Ferragamo shades watching THIS IS US (TIU).

My word, my word.
This is Us has 18 episodes in its final season and now you’ve heard.

Therefore, there is plenty of time
for you to tune in and “humanity chime.”

So what type of situations might This Is Us present the viewer to think about?
There’s a lot of social situations, mix-match relations, understandings needing clarity, and doubts.

Dan Fogelman is the shows creator and he did not miss
when crafting this shows composition to aim for heart and hit.

Image Credit:

It has been a hit week after week, episode after episode.
The scripts are humanity-laden and calling to the soul.

Each episodes leaves the viewer having heard a hopeful “call to action.”
Each episodes reminds us all that humanity will always be in fashion,

and t not ever let go.
Fogleman is a farmer of sorts and TIU is his seed to sew.

Please taste it, before thee series is bagged and put away on the “show archive shelf.”
I hope the feeling that this show renders us all adds to humanity’s wealth.

Please don’t be cast struck if you do not see your specific pigmented self.
TIU works from the inside out; a relative psychological tell.

Sick of dealing with family and people?
Tune in to TIU; i.e., a humanity steeple.

This is a great series to learn from and experience growth.
THIS IS US is about you and me, our hearts and our souls.

Life is a precious thing that we ought always be mindful to uphold.
I’m a multimedia chick who noticed the world may be a little sick, so I’m sharing a little RX gold.

Image Credit:

Which brings me to another show that helps me to humanity spend
Fox has got me in a box when it comes to the contents of RESIDENT.

Starring Malcolm Jamal Warner, I have been watching this show for while.
Its real life situations revive connections to familial relations, mortality, and time.

Good things shine in the Resident’s script composition; reminding me that
Time is non-refundable, and when life is gone we can’t get it back.

I am constantly reminded to love-on life while I have it,
and thank God for all of the wonderful nuances that I could never fathom.

Resident reminds me of all of this.
Life can be a party & a pain; no hit or miss.

Interested in how humanity tastes?
Resident is its 3D face.

See it. Taste it and love yourself more.
Life is not to ever be mundane; let every interaction be a score.

To help someone else is to help you to feel better.
Play these two shows during upcoming get-togethers.

I will. I enjoy humanity being in the room,
I’m Qui
a lover of life, a lover of humanity, and a lover of you.

I suppose I, too, am an inducer of sorts…
and that’s okay, it’s just love from the heart.

Bringing HUMANITY to light. | Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

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