GOOD FRIDAY – Leg & Thigh Day

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Good Friday
is work on leg and thigh day.

Lord knows that I need the work.
God gifted me an awesome body and I want to utilize its worth.

Don’t eat everything in that Easter Basket, it will yield you girth.  
Man shall not live on snacks alone, but by God’s every word.

A snack is comparable to your mother telling you that God loves you,
but when you comprehend the Bible for yourself you solidify your relationship; it’s true.

Me? I’m up early researching and reading.
411 brings in the day, therefore I’m up eating.

Do you have a good friend? Then they would tell you,
Have faith in God above and He will always see you through.

There are no weapons formed that can harm you.
Learn the word of God and it will protect you.

Today is Good Friday
my workout leg and thigh day

because I always intend
to stand in the word and let God in.

When the stone was rolled away from the tomb of our Lord,
the world rejoiced and the saints partied hard.

Wasn’t that protocol in earlier times regarding Good Friday night?
Let generations return to celebrate specific inspired by encouraging writes.

Today is Good. Today is Friday.
I stand on the word of God; my Leg & Thigh day.

What’s in your basket? Don’t wait until Easter Sunday
to celebrate Jesus’ return and put hopelessness away.

It’s Good Friday, y’all and I am a recipient of the blessings herein.
I’m Qui
Sharing my basket of words with thee, because we are family; we are kin.

The best word once born does travel
teach the youth to have leg strength – as not to unravel.

Kiera Lashae on LEGS and TEACHING future generations.

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