I Wonder

In Communication, education, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on April 25, 2022 at 3:15 am
Photo by Jeremiah Lawrence on Unsplash

I wonder why governments all around the world
chose to deflect UFO 411 like a lying little girl?

When there’s proof-upon-proof of guests in the sky.

I wonder if the SYFY channel is feeling renewed love
now that there’s been a mass dump of UFO notes from the gov?

Had you heard of such info?
Child, what do you know, what do you know

about Campaign BETRAY on topic UFO’s?
“People fear what they don’t know.” Isn’t that how the saying goes?

If I wonder long enough about anything, I will research it out.
Do you believe the UFO documents or do you prefer to doubt?

Something else that I was wondering about the other day
is ‘what in the world is going on with the sale of real estate?

Are you still paying attention? I’ve been researching the topic a little —
and it appears that the housing bubble will burst over the working class/middle.

Word is, because of the lack of building materials nigh
folks with Tract Homes have doubled their prices and some did it thrice.

They are unwittingly married to losing, so let us throw out some informative rice:
existing Custom Crafted Homes are being sold at the same level of price.

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

Which means to the subdivision tract home seller, Please DO NOT OVER PRICE your pad!!!
Your realtor’s numbers mean well, but if your home doesn’t sell, you’ll be ‘the over burdened lad

And you do not want that.
2008 is the quickest look back

to a time when we had a housing bubble poised to blow
and shortly thereafter, millions of Americans did fall victim to foreclose.

Homes were abandoned and whole families sheltered else where.
It seemed the governing forces were inadequate or didn’t care.

It was a little bit of both. Losing so many homes led society to somber.
What on Earth is going on and is anything wrong with real estate today? I wonder.

Choosing to list a home for two to three times its worth
is to raise the price to fit no mans girth.

Whatever for? I thought that people who intend to sell their homes attempt to try.
But somewhere between necessary and price-point-scary, the home is priced too high.

I wonder if those hoping to sell,
are eyeballing the schematics of the current price point hell?

Blue collar workers are listing their homes
double and triple the balance that’s left on their loans

and in the end
no one can afford to buy it and panic sets in.

The kind of panic that owned 2008.
I wonder what’s happening with real estate today?

Aw, we’ll be alright, we’ll be okay.
I just want to warn folks to not ‘feel 2008.

So what have you got planned for today? Give it mindful thought… and it’s okay to ponder,
I’m Qui
and I’m not going to further keep thee, because I can go all day long on topic “I wonder…”

Thank you for dropping in to see where my head is.

My mind is on

I wonder where it is?

I wonder if this is a good time
for a We Are The World chorus line?

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