It’s Friday, Baby

In Communication, encouragement, Griot, Music, Science, Self Improvement, Video on May 27, 2022 at 3:15 am

Once upon a time every Friday was known as payday and the weekend —
and people all over the USA turned out for multiple nights of spend.

They hung out with family, co-workers, and friends. —
It was a nice way to celebrate a productive week’s end. 

Bar owners depended on Friday and Saturday’s jovial mood upon the people —
then on Sunday, the church appreciated the many tithes and offerings under steeple.

It’s Friday, Baby” was a saying broadcasted over the radio airwaves —
and echoed by professionals in corporate hallways.

The saying was considered “normal” and signified without delay —
that Friday’s meant “goodbye grind and hello celebrate.”

Well, here we are again, and I want that old feeling back.
It’s Friday, Baby, what’s in your bankable bag?

Perhaps you are a barterer and it ain’t about coins. —
I’m down with whatever it is that supports your loins.

Be tender and spend a little tender.
Go out for a drink…go out for dinner. 

Not only because It’s Friday, Baby
but because we can. Just do so safely.

And if you see me in passing don’t be shy to say “Hey Qui!” —
I’ll definitely wave back, thus making my day. Oui!

Please know that with every wave I am sending love —
and if we are close associates, I’d like a hug

What do you say?
If all goes well and we extend our good health spell,
I’d enjoy a get together to parlay.
Come through and get you a plate.

I’m excited about enjoying the weekends like we used ta’…
Recent news says we can strengthen our socializing with a booster.

The CDC is a rooster.

Me? I’m a listening and proactive lady.
I’m Qui
Pitching an old gateway to celebrate: “It’s Friday Baby!!!”

I say-I say that is all of the #Word that you need —
to go out and have a little fun in deed.

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