I’ve Got A Feeling

In Communication, encouragement, Griot, Music, Self Improvement, Video on May 30, 2022 at 3:15 am

Everything is going to be alright starting right now.
I’m on a jaunt-boom-pow. I am the cat’s meow.

I feel like MJ fastened between the sweet sheets of a cigarillo.
It’s About Damn Time that we started our week off with a little Lizzo:

Okay, okay and hey-hey,
I’ve got a really good feeling about today.

If you woke up this morning and you’re reading this joint
I know that life is yours, so bless-up and anoint.

Day 1 is always the best – ’tis a remnant of Sunday’s dew.
I’ve got a feeling that today will be rad, because it encompasses you.

Good morning, beloved. How are you today?
I’m Qui
and I’ve got a feeling that love & opportunity are coming your way.

What do you know about fate?
Goodness is yours and short will be the wait.

Dance-it-out with me
because agility will always be key.

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