The Hairy Hump

In Communication, Griot, Music, News, Self Improvement, Video on June 8, 2022 at 3:35 am


It could us a shave or maybe a laser
If the bush is unruly, maybe a taser?

Arrest the entanglement of idiocracy
and return this fine union to inclusive Democracy.

The old hairy hump is upon us again.
I’m taking him to the mat and I’m slated to win.

After today, my weekend officially begins.
I like to roll downhill with a paycheck and friends

to the bank.
Whatchu ‘thank?

This isn’t a time in history where I should go to the mall
without a care for tomorrow‘s fare and spend it all.

If there ever was a time.
Today is that day that you save your dime.

Gas and groceries have a direct relation
both are sky high in price due to chronic inflation.

In addition, there are several citizens on federal court dockets with bigger fish to fry.
The 1/6 committee will broadcast tomorrow. Will you be watching? I’m going to try. 


Folks are actively on trial on this beautiful June sunny
for deeds done on 1/6 and the charges aren’t funny. 

The thickness of the hair is a mess today and the hump is very high.
I’m grateful to God that I’m awake, with no legal stakes, bushy tailed and bright eyed. 

How are things with you and how are you feeling?
Perhaps the hearings will prove to be nation-wide  healing

To”get back to normal” would render folks glad.

If we’re evolving into “easy to please folk,” then I ain’t mad.
In fact,  let us become easy on self, on others, and the Earth will be glad

Life is at hand where love and war are fair.
Take it in stride and bring a skilled comb for your hair.

The Hairy Hump is always in need of a manicure,
I’m Qui
seeding a little foresight and wisdom into your core.

Have a fantastic Wednesday – please know that I love you and that I care.
As for our vantage view atop of this hump, stand in the parting of the hair.

  1. Qui,
    what can I say?
    you are the best….💓💕💖
    God gave you the golden key 🔑 to not only reality, but the gift of writing, rhyming,and telling a true story without cultural glory!
    it is so much fun to read your exhortations your thoughts your funnies your rhythms they beat.
    I know about hump day, but you made it all complete….
    with all my love,
    anonymous 💋

    • Wooooo!!!!
      That was tight. That was dope.
      Dear Anonymous 😛 , you’re just like me – I love your Griot.
      Thanks for the comment. I consider it GOLD.

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