In Communication, encouragement, Griot, News, Self Improvement, TV Shows on June 10, 2022 at 6:02 am
Photo by Maxime Bouffard on Unsplash

Did you know that WELP is a word? It is. It’s a nonstandard spelling of well, representing a pronunciation (typically used to convey a sobering sigh).


In light of, did you see the 1/6 hearings last night? It was something to be felt.
Once the broadcast concluded I belted a “Welp…”

The revelation of testimony information was damning, indeed…
and it was just Day 1 of the hearings live feed.

Oh my, oh me. What ever is coming next?
The best way to know — is to keep looking yo’.
So, stand by for the second connect.

When is that, you ask?
June 13th, to be exact.

I pray thee tune in –history is at hand.
I pray thee tune in, so we can understand.

Yesterday’s 1/6 hearing was just the beginning.
There’ll be more to delve into if Democracy is to keep winning.

It wasn’t pretty and it isn’t pleasant.
It is definitely worth it to recover the present.

Life is a gift and sometimes folk just get off track.
I’m Qui
Watching the hearings
, life is endearing… and I have your back.

What did you think? Please DVR the hearings to witness the details for yourself.
There’s definitely more coming down the pike regarding you and I, so… Yep.

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