Ooo Child

In Communication, TV Shows on June 15, 2022 at 2:59 am

Day 1 was last Thursday and Friday wasn’t fitted to go through it.
We started back up on Monday, and tomorrow we’ll get back to it.

Ooo child, the 1/6 Hearings are something else.
Let the truth be exposed and no lie be stealth.

Good morning beloved and how are you today?
Any chance you’ve been tuning in to the 1/6 investigate?

Are you curious as to why there have been days-off in between?
I’m not sure but “short term memory” thoughts do gleam.

It wasn’t long ago that we’d forget pertinent news from day to day.
It’s time that we get back to mulling things over, listening with intent and pray.

Ooo child if only we would…
I have a feeling the world would shift from peril to good.

Wouldn’t it be grand if we all chose to live more honest?
Let us tune in to the 1/6 Hearings … revelations are “on it.”

I pray there be nothing in our past nor our future that resembles more foul,
I’m Qui,
and if foul is trying to hang out with thee, please give it to the Lord. Ooo Child.


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