What I’m HEARING is

In Communication, encouragement, Griot, News, Politics, Self Improvement on June 17, 2022 at 5:15 am

I tuned in to the 1/6 investigate
and found myself gripped; unable to look away.

I had to make sure my mouth was closed, so I put my hands on my face
as the committee revealed testimonies with the power to heal in a very public space.

From the Congressman who gave tours on January 5th
to the guy on the tour who was taking pics…

I just want to make sure that we heard everything correctly.
I like to clarify and identify all startling news before letting me vex me.

Are you watching the hearings? If so, how do you feel?
The information is horror worthy; our unfortunate surreal.

This is not a drill and this is not a joke
our democracy needs your attention — lest she croaks.

Democracy equals “the power of WE.” Every man ought to always vote.
This moment in time needs no reason nor rhyme, we either get-it-right or we choke.

If you haven’t been watching — our chronicle installation won’t provide you the play-by-play,
however, you’re still in luck because most periodical plugs are wielding a digital & paper slay

with direct insight regarding the 1/6 Committee Hearing’s vein.
I watched closely and my responses, mostly involve calling the Lord’s name.

I can imagine that you might be something like me
as the lies were exposed you pinched your nose and you yelled out, “OMG!”

The revelations are insane, and names are being recorded
in tomorrow’s history books of politicians who ignored it.

You know – those governing bodies who ignored what was going on…
who held out for higher positions and/or pay; either one wrong.

History will read strong, and their legacy-holders will change their names.
John Wilkes Booth had family too, but they’ve all switched lineage lanes.

You deserve better. Please do not let shame
cover you so much – that you must change your name.

Folks are throwing their legacies to the wall. Is that what I’m hearing?
Man has no power over man, so why? Only God deserves your fearing.

It is clear that the broadcasts that we are being shown
are a true reflection of our current status quo at home.

This beloved place.
The good ol’ U. S. of A.

We can do better. Our story is fluid and is not at an end,
I’m Qui
Rooting for we, as you should be, our only option is to be friends.

For your sake and my own, I remain optimistic, and forever cheering.
Wanna hold my hand and change things up? Great! Is that What I’m Hearing?

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