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Photo by Lefty Kasdaglis on Unsplash

The proper way to see the view, man,
is to lean into it and take in the expanse.

Can you see the broad? Comprehend the view.
The expanse at hand exceeds me and you.

And it always has. This is not new news.
I’m just checking in to see how the view looks to you?

What are your thoughts on this weeks Hearings double installment
of Democracy investigating how the last 4-years were spent?

What did you think?
Were you so glued to the tube that you forgot to blink?

I should hope not.
Though I will admit the hearings are hot.

The way in which the case is being laid out
will surely become standard practice for “hearings out loud.”

The American people have not ever witnessed before
a more orderly way to investigate our core.

Everybody is watching.
From the US to foreign shore crests, the hearings are clocking

The viewing audience is an excellent example of expanse.
You know me, I like words so I have the definition for you on-hand:

Friday is a fine day for a little word play.
Friday is a fine day to remark, ‘What you say?

Especially if you’ve been watching the Hearings.
My word, I have duly heard and none was endearing.

I knew something was afoot politically…
But to this extent, exactly? Not really.

Some of the revelations sounded silly.
But are they written in our country’s annals? Yes. Really.

And the Hearing’s are not over. There is more myth to debunk.
The Committee adjourned Thursday in order to reconvene next month.
Because they’ve received new 411; apparently a bunch.

I have a hunch that we will emerge a stronger country from here.
All is not lost, we’re still tallying up the cost,
and Democracy will survive that ingest of fear.

We will heal. I can see it over the horizon.
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, peep the expanse and know I’m not lyin.’


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