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Photo by Philipp Kämmerer on Unsplash

A law was overturned
and the media assumes it is a “catch-all” crash and burn

as it pertains to reproductive rights.
But by no means is this a minority woman’s fight.

We keep having more and more babies.
The Black, brown, and Latino hoods are filled with pregnant ladies

who never could or thought that she should abort her child.
The fact that folks act like Roe overturned is our lost — is wild.

My sister in law had 4 kids in about as many years
society scoffed at her with gasps and jeers.

Maybe because it was righteous work and fun.

The good ol’ USA is righteous; we flaunt it.
My daughters do not use birth control; they’ve chosen not to be on it.

They learned themselves and respect their bodies.
They vibe with God; they’re the most “natural” hotties.

 And when I say “my daughters,” I mean yours too.
The younger generations did not sip the juice

of contraception, or losing body control.
To know her body well is her priority goal.

Man’s birth control methods were never goal.
So, ciao for now Roe! Knowing me is gold!

To women who have sons do tell them so::
‘to disrespect woman is a great way to trash your soul.

He’ll have no rest; not for one spell.
Rape a woman on Earth and prepare to know hell.

You know that it’s true. I just Griot Proverbs.
Roe vs Wade is overturned — and is now lawful word.

The expanse of this topic leads to several facts
man insists on more births, because he needs the “head tax”.

Preferably taxing the poorer type
who lack the necessary funds to protect self and court fight.

God sees you. I see you, too.
Go head man! Do what you want to do.

Make laws that you think will work best for you —
then we will all watch as you and your offspring “go through…”

Karma will insist that the lack of gun and reproductive laws
be there for you and your legacy with unlimited stalls.

 I’m going to feel doleful for y’all. But it is what it is.
Justices: do your thing in the face of Karmic Biz.

In the end I will continue to love, I’m up with God and living in grace,
I’m Qui
And the USA is an ever evolving place, our future may look like a browner face.

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