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Photo by Robert Coelho on Unsplash

Good morning, Goodness. What is it that you would like?
Tell me your daydreams and how you fancy the night.

To get gussied-up
and create a little fuss

is my evening plight.
A prelude to a naught conclude of exhaustive delight.

The alcoholic beverage and I… we did part our daily ways.
A single shot and I – will flock tonight;
guard down, I will engage

because it’s the weekend. I think I’m going for Vodka… not much for gin.
What will you be gripping and/or sipping, my Friday friend?


Will it be Spiced Rum?
The guys say it’s yum,
but it hurts my tum-tum.

Would you care to sip Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey for sweeter dreams?
Or is drinking for the fish? ‘Tis not your niche o’ herbivore about greens.

Let me crack a window for you, and yes, I know what you mean.
Whichever your favorite thing is, be mindful with that thing.

Pardon me? What is that you say?
Your favorite thing isn’t a consumption, but a grown kind of play?

Okay, okay. That is my favorite thing, too.
Let’s play Twister, Dom to Mister. I’ll be red – you be blue.

We can roll with role play and mesh our colors to birth new purple.
We can produce a FULL HOUSE because FAMILY MATTERS. I’ll be Laura – you be Urkel.

Perhaps tonight, we’ll dress down, mask-up, go out, and see a movie,
or we can stay in and series binge while cuddling to GUY singing Groove Me.

You and me, “we” ought to always unwind
and FRIDAY, in every way, is a Favorite of mine.

How about a glass of wine several quick hours after your Morning Joe?’
I’m Qui,
it’s the weekend, baby and I’m a favorited “good to go.”

Let’s make a little hay today, yo.
My turn. SKIPBO!

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