Hibbity Hump Day – Folks it’s Time To Slay

In Advertise, Communication, dance, education, Griot, Movies, Self Improvement, Video on July 27, 2022 at 3:15 am

Hey, hey, hey!” Sounding like a fat cartoon guy in a red sweater.
FAT ALBERT’s fashion isn’t welcome in today’s hill‘acious weather.

Me? I’ll be in the shade today, productive, and remote.
I’ve been up since 3am, with a 4:30 start-point of GO.

You? You’ve been on my mind for quite some time now;
different reasons ‘why‘ and dimensions on the ‘how.’

Believe me now, when I say that I’m enjoying the climb
that is delivering me to the best that I can be, via my creative grind.

I am enjoying life and every interaction that fate lists with you.
Not much is certain beyond humanity’s burden, still, we remain true.
That’s what up: Me + You.

Mmph. I am so vey happy
in a world of crazy mane I remain nappy.

I certainly pray happiness for us all.
Flex your unique style and shine your positive gall.

Do not turn-down your stylo, or try to calibrate/tone-it.
Do you to such a tune that folks notice you and jump on it.

Proceed naturally, because it’s Hibbity Hump Day, which sounds a lot like “hibbity hop.”

And naturally “hibbity hop” reminds me of The Sugar Hill Gang – ’cause “Hip Hop don’t stop.”

Which reminds me of The HUSTLER’S CONVENTION… I’m a one-stop Griot shop.
I’m something like Lightnin’ Rod and The HC publication that cannot be copped.

Tho, you can stay tuned to flows like my own; my stylo is quite steady.
We are all storytellers of the day born. I learned as much from Fab5Freddy.

I forget not, much. I am intrigued by various modalities and moves made.
I chronicle the view of me and you in rhyme; Griot is my technical mode of Slay.

Hey-hey-hey!” I’m quoting Fat Albert, again,
I’m Qui
atop of this hump feeling a wee bit crunk, because that’s What’s Happening.


It’s a total high day. Get-up and get-down for the win.
Come with. This vantage view is far better with a friend.

Remain productive and safe. For that is dope.
And if you have a few extra minutes, go see Jordan Peele’s NOPE:

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