In #SeveralLayersDeep, News on August 22, 2022 at 3:15 am

Okay, the NFL PreSeason is in full swing and bringing the noise .
That’s the extent of it all and congrats PreSeason COWBOYS.

I watched a few games but nothing stood out too much
as nothing could compare to all of the gifts and birthday love

that my fam and friends were giving to me.
I hugged, I basked, I loved. Ooo oui.

I often call the month of LeoDOPE.”
And this seasons brevity lead me to go and see NOPE.

I didn’t really indulge in the sweets, but I did have the popcorn.
I enjoyed the glimmer of Peele’s horror shimmer;
the concept was as new as the day is born.

Speaking of daylight, Regal Cinema has seen better days.
A CNN report conveys that their theater experience may go away.

I hate to see a good theater go, though a hum drum theater – I do not.
Regal Cinema has awesome recliners but often times their theaters are hot.

Crypto currency is in the news again. Are you digital coin fluid?
New study finds African Americans are more likely to buy into it.

Nothing wrong with that, I don’t reckon.
The world evolves and technologies beckon

Me? I’m still digging those pretty little green backs,
though I’m not opposed to dimensional currency stacks.

Money has many nicknames: mustard greens, cabbage, crudite’?
John Fetterman calls Oz’s analogy out as a $5 vegetable tray.

And so it goes potato po-tah’to
and a veggie tray is “word,” yo! 😛

Mindful eating is definitely what’s up and rocks,
but a healthy diet won’t protect you from Monkey Pox.

Monkey Pox news is viral but still not “hot headlines.”
Let us all forfeit being touchy-feely today in transit and at grind.

We have to be cautious in this epic scene –
the number of MP cases in the US are 14,115.

Numbers are numbers and I do love math,
but my student loan number is nothing at which to laugh.

I am not alone in such a fight, collegiate debts have surpassed the moon.
Many are hopeful about the “student loan debt announcement” coming soon.

Recently, Meta spat-out a new Verse named HORIZONTAL WORLDS
and social media ripped them a new one for the mock low budget hurl.

Metaverse invested more than 13 billion dollars into the Horizontal Worlds project
and one commenter posted: “It doesn’t look ready for Playstation 2, yet!

Oops! But in Meta’s defense if any need be given
It was probably a deadline thingthe lack of character body is clue hintin.’

The lack of character body was a comment posted by a separate HW reviewer.
Keep in mind ‘Meta spent more than 13B’s. Could the design have looked newer?

VR is on the rise and I’m thinking Meta wants to be in on the aerodynamics.
There’s always room for improvement; last Tuesday’s debut has put Meta in it.

It is what it is, I won’t try to spin it.
I’m sure Meta is just getting started and are in it to win it.

Who does something for nothing? Certainly not you and me.
I’m Qui
on a News Peruse of dimensional hues at the beginning of another winning week.

That’s the script, you win, this week.
No matter what trials confront you, they’ll be weak.

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