FRIDAY NIGHT: Grown Folks Hour III

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Good morning Goodness and welcome to the day, already.
I’ve been up since 3 thinking about thee, I’m so “into you,” steady.

Here’s a drink to curb your edge tonight; I’ll play the role of Becky.
Let’s engage in a game of “Percale Chess;” tonight you can ‘check me.’


Come closer and affect me. By all means be effective.
I am Queen. You are King.  Let’s intertwine our collective.

Connecting dots of intentional deeds,
drawing lines and reaping seeds.
Your majestic vision supersedes the weeds.
Thrive in the moment of you and me; a powerful “we.”

Who, me? You know my spin.
I’m categorized in the “Writers” bin.

Shakespeare, Langston, Paul Dunbar, and Dr. Seuss
would be proud of the round of my hanging fruit.

watermelon-tasting-kitty.gifThey would surely find my lit to be juicier and sweeter.
A connection with me, makes you an avid reader

of grown content… and that’s good.
because I’m all about the water the wood.

How much wood could a wood-chuck chuck if a wood-chuck could chuck wood?
My name ain’t Chuck but I do chuck much. I’m a southern girl.  It’s understood.

This Friday’s chuck, by all accounts is 100% Grade A.
I’m Qui
flirting with thee, via a little tongue & cheek Grown Folks word play.

I pray thee tell me, how was your earning day?
Lean in close and whisper how you wielded a slay.
I root for you daily; Yasss Bae. Hooray!”

Now, put down the telephone –
and commit to being grown.
I’m so very glad that you are home.


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